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Nairobi, Kenya

Written on: Thursday July 19th, 2007

A journal entry from: East Africa

shakira (aka siv) and i left mombasa on saturday july 14th. side note: siv and i have acquired quite a few new nicknames, so if i start randomly mentioning strange celebrities or the like, dont get too excited.

from mombasa to nairobi, it is an 8 hour drive. with blaring swahili music the WHOLE way. i am not kidding. most people had an option to turn their seat speaker off, but noo. of course, siv and i get the seat with the broken speaker switch. anyways, as a result, i am now partially deaf.

i must admit though. an east africa bus ride is an adventure. and a half. driving on bumpy roads is a hidden pleasure.. its also known as an "african massage". whenever the bus stops in a semi-populated area, the locals run up to the bus and try to sell you things through the window. and if the window is too high, in the case of the mombasa-nairobi trip, the people actually get on the bus to sell. i, of course, loved this. i bought bananas.

the next day in nairobi, skb and i visited the giraffe center. please, if you ever go to nairobi, go to the giraffe center. its so awesome. the giraffes come up really close to you. and you can hug AND kiss them. but there are limits, ill have you know.

anyways, the trip is now over. best experience ever. and bonus, we met some really amazing people (missing you already!! ;) ).

i have also developed a new love for washing machines and hot showers.

i recommend.