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Diani Beach & Mombasa, Kenya

Written on: Monday July 16th, 2007

A journal entry from: East Africa

after our adventure in dar es salaam aka "haven of peace", which by the way, is definitely NOT peaceful, siv and i bussed to diani beach. this involved a border crossing. and that involves a story.

our tour group had crossed the border the day before. quick reminder: siv and i separated from our group so we could visit dar es salaam. the group got stuck for two hours at the kenya/tanzania border and eventually ended up bribing one of the border guards because they were carrying too many souvenirs over from tanzania into kenya. i didnt know that there was a limit. or a bag check for that matter. however. siv and i made our way to the border, and when we got there, we were acting quite suspicious and nervous because we were worried that we might also have to bribe the border guards (and we obviously dont know how to do that. obviously). but when the islamic border man saw my name, they decided let us skip the line and go into a private office where they stamped our passports and let us go without searching our bags. yes, we got a few dirty looks. oh, advantages. 

diani beach is amazing. white sandy beaches, camel rides, massages, hair braiding... its paradise. except at night when the nasty crabs come out. there was also a disco close to our cottage. by the way, dance clubs are now called discos. but yeah, the two days we spent there wasnt enough! i love it.

from diani, it is a 45 minute drive/ferry over to mombasa, which also has amazing beaches. i skipped the beach on the first day and did a tour of the city: fort jesus, old town, random markets.. and the history is oh so interesting. except when your tour guide obviously has no idea what he's talking about. we walked by some building and he pointed it out as a "hindu muslim church". i can think of three things wrong with that description. 

it was here that siv and i decided to separate from our tour group again. permanently. because we wanted to spend another day in mombasa. and that we did. i got a horrible sunburn on the beach, but that is another story.

anyways, the trip is almost over. it was the best experience i've ever had. although, i think im gonna get malaria because i keep forgetting pills. its ok, life goes on. (hopefully)