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Zanzibar & Dar es Salaam , Tanzania

Written on: Monday July 9th, 2007

A journal entry from: East Africa

59 mosquito bites and a hideous t-shirt tan. im so attractive.

we flew (thats right, flew not drove) to zanzibar from arusha on some day. i think it was friday. that afternoon, we arrived and went shopping straight away in the tourist infested, narrow streets of stone town. zanzibar is an island off the coast of east africa. it has really pretty beaches with white sand and neat trees. thats right: neat. like many coastal areas in east africa, zanzibar is mainly muslim and the architecture contains persian, indian and african influences. on our second and last day in zanzibar, we went on an impressive spice tour (zanzibar is one of the worlds leading spice exporters). that night, we had dinner at some random restaurant overlooking a beach. and i had "sticklet" pudding. really, thats what it was called. right, siv? (loser). after dinner, siv and i met up with some people from our tour and we went out for a drink at the africa house (posh hotel). and we had grape shisha. except it broke, so we were all sad.

sunday. ferry over to dar es salaam with the tour group. the rest of the tour group drove up to mombasa, kenya but siv and i stayed behind in dar es salaam (we will meet up with them soon). the tour didnt cover dar es salaam, and we both REALLY wanted to see it. we checked into the safari inn ($10/night) and we each got our own rooms. AND the showers had hot water. bonus. then, we walked around dar, went to a market, and had dinner at a thai place (after getting very lost). today, we went to a museum. it had info about the history of tanzania including the slave trade, which is really interesting. i suggest you wikipedia it.

anyways, dar es salaam, like zanzibar is very muslim with persian & indian cultural influences. very few tourists, but its unlike any city ive ever seen (or heard - you can hear muslim prayers all the time). must-see for sure.

its monday today (our last day in dar). we're getting a bus tomorrow to diani beach (mombasa, kenya) to meet up with our tour group.

i think i just broke the keyboard in this internet cafe so i should go before i get in trouble.




From siv on Jul 13th, 2007

yes, it was sticklet pudding. and i had africa cake.