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Ssese Islands (Uganda) & Serengeti,Ngorongoro crater, Arusha (Tanzania)

Written on: Thursday July 5th, 2007

A journal entry from: East Africa

ssese islands. some guidebooks say its a must-see. its very nice, but maybe a tad over-rated. we spent two nights on this ugandan island in little hut things. siv decided to spend most of the time on the beach area (volleyball, cards,reading), which was smart. i decided (for some really odd reason) to rent a motorbike and ride around the town. yes, fun. but horribly dangerous. i had no idea (i still dont really know) how to ride the damn thing. and i burned my leg  on the muffler thing. i think it was a muffler. oh well. now i have a scar. an african scar.

from ssese islands, we ferry-ed it over to entebbe early in the morning. we drove a few hours and reached the tanzanian border, and then a few more hours to bukoba. i love bukoba even though we only stayed there for a night. white beaches with hippos! heres a story:siv and i had a gecko in our bathroom so we asked the hotel man to "remove" it. i THOUGHT he would pick it up and place it outside. nope. he comes in with a rolled up towel and starts smacking it around the bathroom. then he kicks it and it flys down the hallway. it was pretty much motionless but its leg was twitching. (during the whole thing, siv was hiding in someone else's room, and to be fair, it was quite a creepy ordeal). anyways, then the hotel man picks it up and throws it out the window. and i thought iii was violent. anyways, im still having nightmares. how traumatizing.

the next day, we loaded into this really SMALL van thing for the TWELVE HOUR journey to mwanza where we stopped for the night at a posh hotel. early the next morning, we started our serengeti adventure.

bobby camping safari tours. our tour company. the most organized group of people ive ever seen. they picked us up at our hotel in mwanza and drove us to the serengeti park. a morning of driving around and we saw giraffes, comedy horses (zebras), random birds, and big scary lions. and lots more, but i cant think of them right now. we drove to the campsite and spent the night there. just like kilimanjaro, this was luxury. the most amazing food ever. the next day, we drove to our next campsite at the ngorongro crater, stopping at the olduvai gorge and a masai village. that was yesterday.

today, we drove around the ngorongoro crater and saw more random animals. lots of comedy horses and wildebeests. AND we saw lions mating. how cool is that?

this afternoon, we drove to arusha, checked into the hotel, had dinner,and now i am in a sketchy internet cafe listening to justin timberlake.

only in africa.