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Jinja / Murchison Falls / Kampala , Uganda

Written on: Thursday June 28th, 2007

A journal entry from: East Africa

this is the problem with lacking access to the internets. 3 journal entries in one.

ok so we left kisumu (kenya) on june 22 and drove north-west to uganda. we rented two matatus for our group. matatus are little 12 passenger bus things. but really, they only fit 6 americans. ooh ouch, burn.

aand moving on. 6 hours and 2 chocolate bars later, we arrived in jinja, uganda with full bladders. seriously, i cant hold it in that long. bah. oh by the way, visas are alot easier and cheaper to get here at the border. canada =  $75 and three weeks of waiting. east africa = $50 and no waiting. excellent.

 we were in jinja for 3 days. june 22-24. we were staying at a really nice hotel called "paradise on the nile" or something. there was a super awesome backpackers lodge about 5 mins away which i would have loved to stay at. and if you know me at all, you can guess why. :)

jinja is the place to go for scary adventures like whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, quadding, horseback riding and things like that. i did not do whitewater rafting. or bungee jumping. or horse riding for that matter. i rented a mountain bike and went around the city on it. now, one would think that it sounds relaxing and leisurely but oh my god. my muscles were on fire afterwards. oh, the hills.

after 3 days of jinja-ing, we drove north 8 hours to murchison falls on a bus with large windows. for animal stalking. murchison falls are some of the most powerful waterfalls in the world. very cool. we stayed in these neat looking huts with lots of bugs. murchison falls national park is good for game drives , so we drove around for a few hours and found lions and tigers and bears. ok no tigers or bears but lots of monkeys and giraffes. murchison falls was june 25 and june 26 (happy birthay, tyler).

on june 27 (yesterdaY), we got back on the bus with large windows and drove about 8 hrs (i think) south to kampala which is the capital of uganda.  fun. today siv and i did our own city tour and went to a super cool market to buy things.

anywyas , my time is running out so  i have to go. we are leaving kampala tomorrow morning for ssese islands. !