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Kisumu (Kenya)

Written on: Thursday June 21st, 2007

A journal entry from: East Africa

we met our GAP adventures tour group at hotel boulevard in nairobi on tues (june 19). we are a group of 11 (10 girls and 1 guy). lets see... 2 australians (married couple), 2 girls from calgary, 1 from toronto, 2 from england, and a mother/daughter pair from california. our guide is a local kenyan. advantage!

on wednesday, we got on our fancy, air conditioned bus (not necessary!!!) and drove 8 hours to kisumu, kenya. today, we boated around lake victoria, which was pretty neat. lots of bugs though. then the rest of the group decided to go to a museum. siv and i opted out. and for good reason.

i reeeally wish i didnt do a tour. i think siv feels the same way. we dont like the extreme organization. and it feels way too touristy. so this afternoon, we left the group and walked around kisumu by ourselves. which was awesome. oh and we took a ride on these cool bicycle taxi things (boda bodas). sure beats a museum!

tomorrow, we are going to jinja (uganda). its about a 5 hr bus ride. jinja will be awesome. there is bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, horses, quads.. lots of cool, dangerous stuff. hopefully we dont break our legs.

anyways, i should go. until next time...


From Bahaneh D on Jun 21st, 2007

so this is where you are at ! i have been trying to get a hold of u ! well it seems exciting climbing the mountain and i wanted to ask u in person about it ! call me when u get back ! take care....B