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The Kili Attempt

Written on: Thursday June 21st, 2007

A journal entry from: East Africa

the bus ride to moshi was impressive. not too many bumpy roads. of course, we left an hour late and stopped MANY times but we finally got to our hotel which turned out to be quite nice. siv and i met our guide (tom) that night. i seriously think he was drunk.

early the next day, we bussed out to the starting gate for our route. we opted to do the 7 day rongai route. that probably doesnt mean anything to you though. just be impressed.

each day was about 3-4 hours of walking at the pace of a sloth. siv and i had a guide, an assistant guide/cook, and 4 porters who ran past us with our bags on their heads. when we arrived at the camp-of-the-day, our tent was already set up and our bags were already there. simon, the assistant guide, would bring us "hot water for washing". eventually, it turned out to be siv's foot soaking water cause neither of us used it for washing. the wet wipe baths weren't so bad. following the warm washing water,  we got tea time with popcorn and cookies. luxury camping for sure. breakfast, lunch, and dinner were also very luxury.

the "facilities" at the camp sites got worse as we went up. it was very amusing. we started with an outhouse with a hole but it had a door and a lock. the next one had a door but no lock. then the next one had a lock but no door.

on friday night around midnight we left our camp (kibo) to hike up to the summit. i got mild altitude sickness around 5000m, so siv and i had to separate because the guides didnt think i would make it. siv continued with simon, and i stayed behind with tom and we went slower. i threw up a couple times but eventually made it to the summit. yes~! (siv had already made it up there an hour before, go siv!!)

anyways, apart from a few blisters on my ears and a burnt nose, i left that mountain unharmed. i just have to remember to use sunscreen before africa burns my face off.

if youre thinking about kili, i'd recommend both the shuttle bus company "riverside" and the kili tour company "zara tanzanian adventures". they were both great. no problems. especially zara. how can you go wrong with a name like that?

we went back to nairobi on june 18th. east africa tour started on june 19th. details to follow.


From Brant on Jun 21st, 2007

It isn?t 'roughing-it' if you had an outhouse Zahra... your token geology friend is aghast! LOL Congrats on summiting it, you're making me want to travel Africa! Take Care.

From Kate on Jun 25th, 2007

Sounds like you guys had a great time! Good for you on pressing on and not letting a little altitude sickness get to you!