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kilimanjaro time.

Written on: Saturday June 9th, 2007

A journal entry from: East Africa

kilimanjaro. seriously. and i have no idea what im doing.

siv and i are supposedly taking a shuttle bus from nairobi to moshi in tanzania tomorrow morning (sunday) at 730am. most bus companies around here are sketchy. there are so many things that can and probably will go wrong. adventure. the bus ride is going to be about 6 hours. assuming the bus actually picks us up. who knows!

side note: the inventor of washing machines is a god.

anyways, after we arrive in moshi (assuming we actually do arrive in moshi), we are spending the night at "springslands hotel". it has a spa. then, on monday morning, the kili climb begins. 7 days of madness. and no showers. there are about six different routes that take you up to the summit. we chose the rongai route, which is not very popular but sounded cool. the popular routes are the machame route and the marangu route. some of them have huts along the way that you can sleep in, but we will be tenting. some of the huts have rats!!

ok, so kilimanjaro is almost 6000 meters high and is the highest peak in africa. and the highest free standing mountain in the world. zahra vs. nature

ill post again after the climb. lets hope nothing goes too wrong. fingers crossed.