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Written on: Monday June 4th, 2007

A journal entry from: East Africa

see, i can speak swahili already.

made it to nairobi. the flight to london was 9 hrs, 5 hour stopover and then the flight to nairobi was 8 hours. yes, i fell asleep in heathrow. yes, it was a bad idea. almost didnt wake up in time. typical zahra. 

chaos at the nairobi airport. 3 planes arrived at the same time.luggage EVERYWHERE. but it all worked out. my moms aunt picked me up at 630am monday and we've been exploring ever since. its so different here. different good. 

so heres my tentative schedule:

nairobi-ing until june 8th (friday). siv flys into nairobi that day and i am going to meet up with her. then on june 10th we are bussing to moshi, tanzania with some random tour bus company i found on the internet (saferide safaris). they are quite responsive though so i think it will work out. from moshi we are going to do our kili climb with a tour company called 'zara tours' also randomly found on the internet. bussing back to nairobi on june 18th. our GAP tour of uganda, tanzania and kenya starts on june 19th and ends mid-july.

nairobi is 10 hrs ahead of vancouver (its midnight now). bed time!

darn photo uploader isnt working. ill try later.

your rafiki,