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Travel Journal: Worldwide travel - starting 17th April 2009.


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Apr 17th 2009 London - Heathrow. 17th April the journey begins.
Apr 19th 2009
Bangkok.... the aftermath of war.
Apr 21st 2009
Koh Tao 22nd April - 26th April 2009.
Apr 23rd 2009
South of the Island - Chalok Baan Kao Bay (Koh Tao) - our day trip by scooter!!
Apr 26th 2009
Koh Phangan - an Island deserted
Apr 28th 2009
Koh Samui - 28th April - 31st April 2009
May 1st 2009 Krabi 1st May till 3rd.
May 3rd 2009 Phi Phi Island 3rd May through to the 5th.
May 5th 2009 Phuket 5th May - 9th May 09.
May 9th 2009 Krabi the return.... 9th May - 13th May.
May 13th 2009 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 13th to 15th May.
May 15th 2009 Singapore ensues - 15th to the 18th May.
May 18th 2009 Onward to Sydney, Australia.
May 19th 2009 Sydney 19th - 21st May 2009 - A city in the dark.
May 21st 2009 A car journey north, escaping the rain. 21st may - 25th May.
May 25th 2009 Brisbane 25th May - 26th.
May 26th 2009 Brisbane to Airlie Beach - back on the road - 26th May -
May 30th 2009 Airlie Beach till the 1st June - where the sun's at!!
Jun 1st 2009 From Airlie to Cairns
Jun 2nd 2009 Cairns 2nd June - 5th, Tropic Days.
Jun 6th 2009 A day trip to Kuranda by Sky Rail and moving into Poppys place.
Jun 7th 2009 Normality resumes back in Cairns...7th - 10th June.
Jun 11th 2009 24 hours with no sleep is fun...... Cairns 11th June - 25th June.
Jun 26th 2009 Green island - a little bit of paradise.
Jun 27th 2009 27th June - 9th July in Cairns.
Jul 10th 2009 Trinty Beach is a Northern beach - 10th July 2009.
Jul 11th 2009 11th - 15th July - Cairns
Jul 16th 2009 Cairns show is next door - 16th July 2009
Jul 17th 2009 Cairns is getting hotter
Jul 24th 2009 The waterfall circuit - THe Atherton Tablelands - Queensland - 24th July.
Jul 25th 2009 25th July - 27th - Car Capers!!!!
Jul 28th 2009 28th and 29th - Cape Tribulation
Jul 30th 2009 30th and the 31st
Aug 1st 2009 Crystal Cascades - 1st August 2009
Aug 2nd 2009 Aug 2nd

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