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Worldwide travel - starting 17th April 2009.

Worldwide travel - starting 17th April 2009.

Last Updated: Nov 5th, 2009

Leaving Heathrow Airport at 2215 on the 17th April 2009, landing at 1525 in Bangkok (Thailand). We are then going to stay in Thailand for roughly a month, working our way to Phuket and Krabi. We will then head East before heading south, working our way through to Malaysia and then Singapore. Its from Singapore we pick up our flight to Australia on the 16th May, flying to Sydney. Once in Sydney we will look for work as we have both been granted working Visa's. We will then wing alot of this and plan as we go, however we aim to stay in each of the following places for a couple of months each, Sydney, Brisbane, Cains, Darwin, Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra. We will also look to visit Tasmania and maybe even do side trips to Fiji. Finally we will look to hop across to New Zealand before flying from Sydney once more to Hong Kong, we will stay here for 6 days before returning to London Heathrow. (the flight home is booked for the 8th Feb, however this can be moved, however we have to depart Oz by the 15th May 2010, which we will).

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