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Crystal Cascades - 1st August 2009

Written on: Saturday August 1st, 2009

1st August 2009: Saturday:

With it being my day off today we decide to head to the Crystal Cascades, which is a gorge nearest to Cairns just some 10km out of town.

We arrive at about 12 and climb the steady footpath to the top of the viewing platforms, the gorge is on our right all the way up and eventually we reach the fenced off end where over the edge there is a double waterfall, a swimming hole (that was not supposed to be for public use but people especially locals always jump in, or in many cases dive in, there has been recorded recent deaths here from this as people hit rocks in the water below) and it flows down the hill side back to where we walked from.

The Cascades are ok, but we have seen better things on this trip to date, I think so anyhow.

We leave about 2pm and head along the main road to the next point which is Lake Placid, a gorgeous quite lake mostly only visited by locals. This is where the Barron River hits other local streams and a centre island, causing a lake like area, it is not a real lake, still the gorge, very peaceful though, and we took some photos of us on the rock here, this made the trip out today very worthwhile.

In the evening we head for dinner at Nando's and then head home to watch the film Sixty Six.