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28th and 29th - Cape Tribulation

Written on: Tuesday July 28th, 2009

28th July:

I'm off today and we need a break so Becky and I decide to head for an over-night trip to Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation.

We set off late-ish, about 11am, and firstly head to Smithfield shopping centre to go to Woolworths and stock up on goods (where we bump into John and Steph).

We then drive to Mossman, taking my time and driving carefully in powerful Matilda. We arrive at about 2pm a little annoyed to find out that the rainforest suspension bridge is closed for repair work until after we leave Cairns. This bridge goes through the Daintree rainforest canopy.

We walk around the gorge walk instead which was not disappointing it was an amazingly peaceful place with green flowing waters where beautiful photos could be taken. We also found it hard to understand how so much great stuff can end up in one area of the country.

At about 4pm we drive on to Daintree and on to Cape Trib ferry to find out a price for crossing in to Cape Trib peninsula today or tomorrow as it was now getting dusk. It was also very wet, and the rain kept coming on and off.

I drove us to Daintree village about 4 to look around this little ghost town, but the best thing we find is a gap in the trees near a parking spot on the side of the road heading towards the village, right in the middle of the rain forest. This gap allowed us to view straight down the Daintree croc infested river to the distant hills and grey stormy clouds, the only sounds were that of rain forest animals and birds, and the odd water splash... don't get to near now!!!! The view was astonishing; there were even little boats out on the huge river doing croc hunting sessions.

We then went to the village where we got to see the end of a rainbow... and no there was no gold, shame it would have come in handy!

About 5 ish we realise we better get to a camp site in Cape Trib as it was now getting darker and we had no-where to stay. It is a lot wetter up here some 110km from Cairns.

We head back to the ferry port again and get a return ticket for $20 which will allow us to return tomorrow. We head for the first campsite where we can camp for the night... in the car!!

On the way we spot a look-out called Alexandra lookout, which looked out from the top of a mountain over the Daintree River, the ocean and the surrounding forest, the views as always breath-taking.

We get to the haven holiday park at about 6 as it starts to thump down with rain. We pay $25 to stay the night in the car?!

We park up in bay 3 and set the back of the huge sedan up to sleep in for the night, we then go and cook pasta as the rain thumps down harder, before running back to the car to watch a film on my laptop... however I then break our external plug in spot lamp by reversing the car over the wire and snapping it, so we have no light.... great!!

Before sleep we drive the car up the road in search of Chocolate at a local garage, it turns out to be shut... but it is not a wasted trip as we end up seeing a local bit of wildlife............. A CANE TOAD!!!

Yes, Cane toads are huge, also very dangerous for those not in the know; it sat dazzled in our headlights for ages before hoping off in to the forest, which was very scary at night in the dark, noises a-plenty! We also looked for a Cassowary, but to no avail, (these are 3 meter tall, very rare, birds that live in these parts they are colourful, with red and bright blue heads, but they are becoming extinct only 900 left in Queensland).

Sleep was hard to get as the rain thumped harder and harder as the night went on.

Wednesday 29th July 2009:

Over-slept, up past check out time at 1030, but we did not get till sleep till 4am because of the rain so this was needed, we awoke to a hot and sticky car though.

We threw everything in the car back to driving mode and then set off up to Cape Trib beaches, arriving by 12pm.

We walked past the Fig tree (the last point to which a 2wd car can go) and then down on to the beach, which was to be are first of three beaches we would visit today.

It was sunny this morning but very windy, however once we walked through some forest we hit the beach which was white, curved and large, a lovely scene. The "beware of the croc" signs really freaked me out though as there are always sightings and attacks in these parts. I took photos while Becky well, erm... had a wee!!

We then went back up the road from this beach and parked in Cape Trib beach car park, heading to Cape Tribulation beach first and then Kulki beach. Cape Tribulation beach was good but not worth the money I don't think if you're going via a trip or tour booking, but then again it was only 60, just seems a lot to us these days, but we were happy to save money. There were some really nice crabs on Kulki beach which we took photos of too.

We left at about 3pm so that we could drive the 100km back and so that I could start work at 5.30. We arrive home at 5; I shower and head on in to work quickly!! I'm home by 11pm.