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25th July - 27th - Car Capers!!!!

Written on: Saturday July 25th, 2009

Saturday 25th July:

I get up late, a lay in; it has been a few days. We head to town at 3ish and go online.

I start work at half 5, I work till 1025pm and I train a new guy that was having a trial.

I got a call today about the car so hopefully will sell it tomorrow, however it will have to be taken to Mount Malloy, miles from Cairns.

I have been very stressed at the moment wanting the car to go.


26th July:

We get up at 0930 to go to Mount Malloy, this is where we will meet the French-Canadian (his car broke down out that way and he now needs another).

 It is raining on and off and it takes us 2 hours to get there, the trip is difficult through the Kuranda forest and through to a very remote area very close to the outback.

We bring him back to Cairns after he offers us $1600 for the car, we agree to it and bring him back, I'm shitting myself all the way worrying that being so close to a sale something will go wrong, like being pulled over maybe?!?

I get to town, drop some stuff he does not want at our house and head to work for 5.30pm, sale completed.

After work me and Becky head out with house mates to celebrate the sale, returning home drunk at 3am.


Monday 27th July 09:

Hung over we get a knock on the door at 11am, its Grace telling us someone wants to see us. I head outside and it's the Canadian guy, I had shown him where I bloody lived yesterday and now he wants a refund as he cannot change ownership online as I had said to get it sold. I tell him I will have to get hold of the third party Rob and get the money back as an excuse to hold him off while thinking what I can do, and chat to people about where I stand. Rob never had been given any money yet... It had only just bloody gone!

At 3pm I call him, he walks in our garden and after a tense discussion I decide to hand him back what we have left after last night ($1470).

 The most depressing day in our trip so far, to have the money and then lose it really hurt. I head to work at 5pm and work till 10pm on pot-wash.