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Cairns is getting hotter

Written on: Friday July 17th, 2009

17th July 2009:

Today we head to the lagoon to sunbath and then I go to work for half 5. It is a public holiday in Cairns due to the show today so I was earning $35 an hour tonight... great stuff... very busy shift though... worth 17 an hour I'd say.

Walked home – back by 11pm.

My eyes have also started hurting due to the bright sun, I realise today that was the pain from my earlier writing too!! New sun-glasses needed.

3 months travelling now too – which is past our planned time, I think we have seen lots so far but hopefully we will see more yet!

18th July 2009:

Sat around the house till 3 today, worked half 5 till half 10, dish washing... oh so much fun! Get back home after buying some Goon at the local liquor store.

19th July:

Went to work at 6, worked till 10pm then went to the Green ant to meet Becky, a cool Reggae guy was playing who was good, I drink a few beers, chilling till 1 am.

Monday 20th July 09:

Today I just chilled around the house all day, so did Becky. Only thing of note happening was a call from a French guy interested in the car, he wants to look at it tomorrow.

Tuesday 21st July 09:

Get up at 8am, French guy wants to see the car at 4pm, that gave us time to clean it and get the battery charge as well as get the keys off Rob and clean inside it.

We get to car and it is a shit tip, however we take the battery to a local shop to get it charged and get the car looking cleaner by 3pm, we then collect the battery bring it back to the car... and BROOOOM the car starts first time... Matilda is back!!

The guy looks round, rob meets us for all of 3 minutes and drives them about before leaving again. The guy will let me know about the car tomorrow, another guy has also called wanting to meet tomorrow.

I think a lot on the way home from work (after working 5.30 till 1030); I hope the car goes could do with $500 or so.

Wednesday 22nd July 09:

Today we meet two Australian guys showing them the car and meet a German guy who seems keen. The Aussies rip it to pieces basically... it is a travellers car, on a south Australian plate... I did tell them that!

Two more people call wanting to look tomorrow.... I work till 1030pm.

Thursday 23rd July:

Worked 1230 till 1030pm today, decent shift everyone was in a good mood.