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Cairns show is next door - 16th July 2009

Written on: Thursday July 16th, 2009

Thurs 16th July:

Day off again and its Cairns show day for us!!

6 weeks left in Cairns, and I have no money saved!!

Get to the show for 12-ish and walk around it there are loads of stalls, some cheap food stalls and lots of fairground rides for us to go on later. We stayed till 4pm; Becky got to hold young ducklings and small baby chickens. Also I hurt my hand on a metal railing when I went to stroke a donkeys head and it lifted it slamming my hand into the bar, ouch!!!

We headed home for tea and then back to the show for 5-ish, going on the CRAAAAAZY COASTER, the bumper cars and the ghost hotel ride. We then grab dinner on one of the stalls before running back at about 7.30pm so Becky can watch Master Chef.

We took shots of the sky-divers landing at the show during sunset tonight too.

Masterchef finished just as the shows fireworks were going of over-looking our garden, for the second night, so we watched them too... taking pictures.

Watched Ice Age 2, then went to sleep.