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11th - 15th July - Cairns

Written on: Saturday July 11th, 2009

Sat 11th July 2009:

A lay in today, getting up at about 11am, I went to get the bus to town but then realised we could walk quicker as it was having to make a second trip today, with a total turnaround time of about 20 minutes. However once I started the walk I realise I had forgot my phone so I jog back to get it, only to realise the Woolshed (Jake – 2nd Chef) had called and left me a message that he did not need me in till 5.30pm (I was scheduled in at 2 today). I jog back to Becky up the road to realise I will now have to sun bathe while in Jeans!!! Plus its annoying as it is the second lot of hours I have lost this week.

We are currently still trying to sort a phone for Becky after realising her Orange phone was not unlocked for use here in Australia. We investigate all avenues including the price of a new handset.

Whilst thinking today I come up with the idea of me and Becky working on a project upon our return to Norwich, of selling my photographs, the amazing ones, all framed up (with art work from Becky) photo-shopped and edited where need be, to make some side cash. People like them, but would people pay for them though, that is the question?

We also have the task of searching for drawing stuff around town today for Becky, for something else for her today while I am out at work. However, we have no luck with this.

I work 5.30 till 1030, having an easy night – laughing at Tim the lazy Yank as he is finally placed on pot-wash to his dismay; he is soaked to the nines by the end of the evening!! Oh the Yanks love to work!!

I bring Nachos home for Becky and I to eat... yum!

Sun 12th July 2009:

Waking up late today we head to DFO to so that I can take back a rucksack I wrongly purchased a week ago ( I need a new one to fit my laptop in to make it easier at airports as my hand luggage is to small). While there I buy another t-shirt and we finally grab some painting and drawing tools for Becky.

In the evening we head to the Green Ant (a local Pub, local as in within 20 minutes!!) for a drink with our house mates till 12am, in the green ant there is a shaved headed girl staring at us loads...

13th July:

I have spent too much this week I'm sure I will live to regret that!!

Up at 12 today, laid in again... went to town to print out posters to put the car up for sale. While on the internet I found flights to go from Auckland to Melbourne for $150, we booked them... That's now the whole triangle trip booked for $300 (160), awesome, especially as that now gets us to Melbourne too.

Uploaded some pictures before Becky left my memory stick with my house door key attached in the Ultimate Party office, stuck in the back of a laptop – I noticed later that night.

I worked 5.30pm till 1030pm, an easy shift. Becky drew a pretty picture of a shell she recently found tonight.

Were both chuffed with our flight deals I have just got to cross my fingers that I earn enough to go, I'm not getting great hours at the moment.

I have been selecting some of my travelling pictures and placing them in another folder on my laptop for editing purposes.

Becky got a sim-card today so she finally has a phone, she will be on Telstra. My boss Paul got it for us out of the Woolsheds lost property and a work colleague of mine (Tam) gave me a charger for her, it is a Nokia phone.

Tomorrow I have to go memory stick chasing!!!

Tuesday 14th July:

Were really starting to need a trip, things are getting on top of us at the minute – looking forward to my tax back coming through.

Walked to town, however the Cairns show is on in a few days so Scott Street is closed for cars at the moment and it means squeezing through a barrier to get down there, well either that or add another 20 minutes on our walk to town and go round via the detour.

We chill and sunbath on the lagoon eat ice-cream and I work 5pm till 1030pm, we also walk around town putting up posters today, for the car sale.

I got my memory stick and key from Ultimate party office too!!

Wednesday 15th July:

Day off today, so we lay in!! Haha

Scott road is now closed so we have to walk to town the long way round, today is 32c so the walk really hurts and the sun is burning, there is no wind or a single cloud in the sky.

We relax on the lagoon again till 4pm; we will need our tans in New Zealand... as we will not have this weather!!

We walk home via the showground to buy tickets for day 2 of Cairns show tomorrow.

We watched ice age and will watch ice age 2 tomorrow so that Becky can get up to speed with them before we watch the 3rd soon.