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Trinty Beach is a Northern beach - 10th July 2009.

Written on: Friday July 10th, 2009

10th July:

Day off today.

So we head to Trinity Beach, we get up at 10am (however I'm sure after the 90 mile hike to town it will be 2pm!!!! Lol).

We catch the 1247 bus to Trinity, which turns out to be a pretty little beach with a sharp slope to the sea. One thing getting in the way for us though is the wind, it is quite strong on this coast as it was at Palm Cove, which really puts us off the Northern Beaches some-what.


We relax till 3pm, and then head back to Cairns on the 3.50pm bus, via Smithfield shopping centre for a little walk around.

We pick Becky up some beads and jewellery, which she can break up, to make necklaces and earrings with in her spare time. 

We get a further bus back to the CBD at 612pm. We then grab a taxi from here back to our house where we arrive at 650pm in time to watch Masterchef Australia with our Chicken, Capsicum (a pepper or two to you and I) and cous cous dinner.

Later Becky cut my hair while I watched some of the Ashes Cricket, would be good to beat them while we are here in OZ.

Bed 1230am.