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27th June - 9th July in Cairns.

Written on: Saturday June 27th, 2009

27th June 2009:

Lie in till 11am, walk to town at about 1pm to chill on the boiling hot lagoon and soak up some more rays. I left Becky to head to work at about 3pm and work till 1045pm, I got a taxi home too after what was a busy shift.

28th June 2009:

Another lay-in today, another chill on the Lagoon and more sunbathing in the 30c heat. While at the lagoon we cook a BBQ on the free facilities sharing the cost with Sian, Keir and Grace (our new house mates from London that moved into room four last night) as well as Jon and Steph. In the evening the 7 of us head out for drinks at the Rhino bar and then on to Gilligans.

Home by 3am, bed by 4.

Monday the 29th June 2009:

VERY HUNGOVER, we get up and shower, before doing the right thing and chilling till 3pm before catching the free 3-30pm bus to town and to go online and upload some of the Green island pictures.

Home, pasta, film, sleep... zzzz

30th June 2009:

Up at 10am and chill round the house till 1pm.

Walk to town and Cairns Central, we bump in to Jon and Steph on the way to the lagoon, where we chill for one hour before going to Coles to buy some food, I make us fish fajitas, which are gorgeous.

We also booked our outbound flights to New Zealand today: the 1st Sept at 630am costing $150 (75).

1st July 2009:

I got up at 12 and headed straight to work for 1pm, I worked till 1015pm and jogged the last bit home. Bed at 12ish.

2nd July 2009:

Up earlier today, about 10 ish we then head to town and go online before printing out some information about our New Zealand flights.

I work again, 1-1015pm, bed at 1230am.

3rd July 2009:

My third 1 till late shift in a row today goes smoothly. I work till 1030pm. After these three long shifts in a row my body aches like an old mans... I can't cope, I'm nearly 30 now!!! Haha.

Andy Murray plays in the Wimbledon Semi finals tonight, live here at 1am. I watch some before going to bed at 2.

4th July 2009:

Up at 10, paid rent and then went to town. Chilled on the Lagoon, felt awful and tired today so I decided to throw myself in to the lagoon and its freezing water for once... it worked it sorted out my aching limbs and my head.

I work at 6pm; it was very busy as it was Independence Day and the yank sailors that have been in Cairns for the last 6 days made it a hard shift. Finish at half 10. I get home and go straight to bed, Becky has only been chilling since 6.

5th July 2009.

Got up today and went to DFO, I bought some new jeans and a T-shirt for 6.00... (That's a Bargain, Bargain hunters!! – that was for you Shaun!)

Worked 7pm till 1030pm, small but painful little shift. I have a couple of beers after work. Becky has been watching Masterchef and other TV. Bed 2am.

6th July.

Every day is tiring at the moment; work is taking it out of me... Working in hot Kitchens in tropic Cairns does not help.

Today I sort my Medicare card out (for free Health care in Australia) and then we chill on the Lagoon before having lunch at a cafe on the Esplanade. Cheese and Ham toasties...yum yum!

Worked half 5 till 1015pm.

7th July:

Up and out for work at 1pm, I grab the free bus to town, leaving Becky to go and lap up more rays and look around the city for the 10th time. However, at 930pm I see Becky at the kitchen door; she was out having drinks with our house mates after having a BBQ on the lagoon in the early evening. So at 1020pm I joined her. Sian, Kier, Grace, Jon and Steph were out and once I finished my drink we headed for a bar called Heritage, it was Indie night there and the drinks were reasonably priced.

Back home about 4am.

8th July:

Up late with a thing called a hangover for Becky, I was not too bad at all. Becky sighs when hung-over you know!!! ;-)

Chilled for awhile then got the 3.30pm bus to town, the free tropic days bus, we grabbed shopping and then got the 5.30pm free bus back with our bags... we really did not feel like walking 30 minutes each way today.

We had steak for dinner, Australian Fillet steak, Becky loved it, we watched Gran Torino in the evening on my laptop with a packet of PODS from the video shop (I had Mars, Becky had Snickers), for those not in the know, which is basically anyone who has never been to OZ, PODS are the best chocolate snacks here, they taste great and everyone loves them. We will be bringing some home, although at $5 a pack they are a tad pricey!.

We're looking at doing another trip soon.

9th July 2009:

Up and out at 12 for work at 2pm (oddly). I post my tax return on the way, which I hope to have back in time for Sept 1st and New Zealand.

Only have a ten minute break at work, which sucks arse.

There is a big fat Captain that comes in to grab pizza some nights, he captains the CDC (Cairns Dive Centre) boat, and basically he is a fat To**er. He comes in screaming and shouting his mouth off about which sexual acts he did to certain fat whales, sorry women last night and then goes upstairs collects what he thinks are sexy ladies to bring them down to collect his pizzas while parading his whales to the chef on duty (normally he tries it with Jake) in an attempt to get free, or more, pizza. He is such a loser and all he does is get in the way just as we are trying to clean down.