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Green island - a little bit of paradise.

Written on: Friday June 26th, 2009

26th June 2009:

I was up late last night as I could not sleep, so getting up at 7am is hard work. Only had about 4 hours sleep.

I ate breakfast watching the news, only to learn that Michael Jackson died in the night... This was an interesting watch but it did make us slightly late.

We leave the house at about 0815, walking to town to get our ferry to Green Island and the Great Barrier Reef. We reach the reef terminal some 30 minutes later, but it is a hot day so were sweating and puffing loads.

It is worth it though, because what a day there is to follow...

After an hour and 15 minute boat trip to Green Island on which I booked us on the yellow submarine ride and picked up my snorkelling gear.

We reach the island at 1030 and the first thing that greeted us was the brilliant blue water of the Great Barrier Reef and the contrast against the coral cay of Green Island (look up coral cay on Wikipedia).

 The first thing we do is to walk the island to explore it and get our bearings, and an idea where to head later in the day.

The sun was blazing in the sky and was by far the hottest we had faced in Australia so far. The island was picturesque with beautiful soft sand.

We head back to the boat for our booked trips at 1115, which are the glass bottom boat and the yellow Submersible at 1145. These trips turned out to be awesome, we saw all sorts of colourful fish but the best sights of all were the turtles, I saw two of them, large and brightly coloured. One of them was sleeping amongst the coral and the other swimming fast and away from the boat.

During the sub ride they fed the fish so that they would come closer to the boat for us to witness, this was pretty awesome to.

12 o'clock came and we then headed to one of the soft coral beaches so that Becky could sunbathe and I could go snorkelling for awhile.

And wow, and wow and did I mention wow... snorkelling here turned out to be one of the best experiences that I have ever had... Corals – colourful, fish – magnificent, sting-rays – killed Steve Irwin once ;-), shells – everywhere, and clams – which I had never seen before now but they were truly something, the one I saw was black with a bright blue (electric almost) inside lining. I got Becky to join me in the sea later, just to try to let her experience some of this, however she does not like the water much so this was difficult for her, but I will say she really made an effort to enjoy it and experience what I was seeing. She looked by holding the mask to her face, taking deep breath and then just submerging her face under the water once I had spotted something of interest.

We got out head for a quick sunbathing session, while I dried off and then we headed to the croc farm in the middle of Green Island, this was where an 18ft croc was contained.

We walked around in a bit of a hurry as our boat left to head back to Cairns at 345pm. The crocodiles were a scary sight – large and only kept away from you by a little wire fence!!


The boat headed back at 345pm, the trip back was a little choppy and I felt a bit sea sick but was ok after sitting out of the sun for awhile. We reached Cairns at 5 ish.

We then walked home via Woolworths ate Lasagne for dinner and went to bed early Shattered... BUT WHAT A DAY!!