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24 hours with no sleep is fun...... Cairns 11th June - 25th June.

Written on: Thursday June 11th, 2009

11th June 2009:


Up by 10am today, the French couple also woke us in the early hours making a shit load of noise opening and closing their door all morning.

I went to work for 1pm, via the bank, I walked in with Becky. It was hard at work today, my hands are sore, it has been ages since I did this type of work and you really have to earn every dollar!!

I worked on the hostel window, serving other backpackers their free hostel meals (you get these at most hostels, just as we had at Tropic Days), it went ok, no real problems.

I walked back, got in at about 11pm, chilled.

Becky spent the day in town bargain hunting and looking pretty!! ;-)


12th June 2009:


I asked for today off yesterday at work, so that Becky and I could spend the day together. We were to head to Palm cove, our first visit of the northern beaches. (There are around 10 beaches to the north of Cairns, as Cairns its self has a lagoon and a port, but no beach, the city centre is situated near the port basically.

We walked to town and caught the bus to palm cove, a ride which took about an hour, although this was not helped by us getting on the wrong bus, we boarded the bus that took us around the houses to get there.

Palm cove was a pretty little cove, scattered with palms, hence the name I suppose??! However, it was really windy... a little too windy to relax on the beach really. We walked the beach for awhile then went to a cafe to grab a sandwich each for a few dollars and a milkshake, we do love them!!

We then walked the length of the beach and to the very top; this was where I took some great shots of the waves hitting the rocks and the rock pools that were left sitting here as the tide went out. There was a boat ramp and a jetty, where the stingers and the crocodiles hang around and made the sea very unsafe here; swimming was only allowed in the safe zone patrolled by lifeguards.

We got the bus back at about 5pm, had fajitas for dinner, and in the evening we chilled while watching TV.


13th June 2009:


After climbing out of bed at about 10am, I got dressed and then jumped on the 1215 free bus to town and then went on the internet in a cheap internet place that Becky had found a couple of days back.

I then went to work for 2pm, which consisted of preparing food including rice, potatoes and curries till 5pm and then serving main meals in the evening (the Woolshed opens at 6pm, then gets hammered every night till 9pm before closing at half 9) I saw Rob and Luke this evening as they came in for food, had a quick chat to them both.

The 2nd chef Jake also really pissed me off this evening, he took the piss that I was standing there after pushing myself so so hard all day, I was helping to wash up but someone got in the way of the sink, so I stood back waiting to get to it, and then he jumped on me, imitating my hands on my hips while speaking to me like a right arsehole... I left straight away once we finished, getting a couple of beers at a local shop to walk home with so that I could chill by the time I got in to see Becky.

Becky chilled on the Lagoon today then came back and watched Masterchef Australia (it was to be, the start of an obsession).

Bed early ish.


Sunday 14th June 2009:

We both had a lay in till 12.

We did not do an awful lot today, walked to town for two pm and had a lunch in a small cafe on the esplanade. The guy messed up our order so we ended up with a free plate of potato wedges.

Went to work for half 6, after going online and looking at flight costs for the next stage of our adventures. 

I worked till 1030pm, walked home by 11. Becky walked home and had some of Sian's BBQ as her friends had arrived from England and came round to eat at our house, a Devonshire couple now living in Stockport.


15th June 2009:

Another boring day really, got up went to work for 1pm, worked till ten pm. A very boring day all round - Becky did not do a lot either.


16th June 2009:


Up by 10am, I was off today so we chilled at the house before walking in to town for 1pm, we caught the 1.27pm bus to Yorkeys knob, another northern beach, where we chilled all afternoon.

Some great photos were taken, and the beach was long and had a gorgeous rock formation at the end as had Palm Cove, but similar to Palm cove, it was very windy.

We got back, cooked, watched saw 5 and then got to bed about 1am.


17th June 2009:

Up late today, this is starting to become an annoying feature.

We went to the lagoon to chill in the sun, which is also a common feature, it is nice and hot every day here.

I went to work at 5.30pm and got back about 11pm, a new guy started at work so my hours got cut for tomorrow.

I also went online and got my tax-code sorted today too.

Becky came back and watched TV this evening.


18th June 2009:


Another long long lay in today.

I walked to work to start at 3pm and worked till 1030pm, and got back by 11ish.

I walked the long way back home and washed up tonight at work so this was a totally crap day all round.


19th June 2009:

Today Becky and I get up and go to the book exchange near our house at the showground shopping centre. We exchanged a few of the books that we found laying around the house plus a couple of our own and got ourselves a couple of new ones to read each.

Went to work for 6pm, a really busy night I was back by 1120pm after a knock off pint.

Becky then cut my hair a little, bed by 2am.


20th June 2009:

Again we are struggling to get up at the minute. 12 today.

The weather had dropped in the last three days, very overcast, so this also had an effect on what we could do with the time off that I have had and what lazy time Becky has had.

I worked 5-30 till 10-30pm and Becky met me after work at the Woolshed for drinks, 6 or 7 later we were hammered and walking home which took about 2 hours, daft but funny.

When we got back to our house Becky was sick all over our nice room.


21st June 2009:

Today we were hung over till 4pm, as we were feeling very rough, Becky had the worst hangover ever she says.

We had beans on toast and watched TV, a couple also moved in to room 4 for one night, it turned out they were from Norwich... Random, the guy also used to go out with a girl Becky is friends with on Facebook.


22nd June 2009:


Up at 12ish, walk in to town with Becky and we chill on the lagoon for awhile before I go to work for half 5. I get back at 11 and its bed at half 12. Another sunny, hot day in Cairns.


Wednesday 23rd June 2009:


I get paid on Wednesday's and that's today, its my 3rd pay day today!

Up late again today, which is starting to get annoying as its all I seem to do at the mo, up late, work and sleep. So we decide to book a trip for Friday 25th June.

I'm not sure what happened today, I never did write it in my book, however it was not exciting.


24th June 2009:


I got up, (yes!!!) and went to Cairns central mall to get my watch fixed as the battery died about 2 weeks back. We then went to pick up the forms to register for Medicare (free medical care in Australia).

We go online for a bit and then I work half 5 till 1015pm, I get back at 1045pm. We sort the money for our trips from here on, we work out we should be in New Zealand in 9/10 weeks from here on!!

Bed at 12.


25th June 2009:

At work for 1pm, bit of a boring day all round today.

The main event involved getting our house mate Sian to book our day trip to Green Island for Friday.

I get home at half 11, tonight was a late one for me at work. Becky sunbathed and felt bored today.