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Normality resumes back in Cairns...7th - 10th June.

Written on: Sunday June 7th, 2009


7th June 2009:

Got up at 9ish, Becky keeps walking up so early at the minute, we had two bottles of wine last night so I am not feeling like getting up so early.

We got ready to head out and while I was waiting for Becky I called two places that had advertised jobs in the Saturday newspaper, the first one said they would call me back and the second has given me an interview tomorrow (but it is in Port Douglas – some hour and twenty minutes by bus from here).

We go to town to chill by the lagoon before buying food for a BBQ tonight, we head back and get the BBQ rolling about 6pm.


Monday 8th June 2009:

It is a bank holiday here, the Queen's birthday apparently.

Last night we were both in bed before 11pm, like old people..!!

Today was totally boring, spend the day around the house plus visited the local shops, chilled basically.


9th June 2009:

Becky was up first, like a devil.

We went to town via the free tropic day's bus; we tried to use the library for free internet but to no avail. We found a internet cafe where I printed out loads of CV's before we walked around while I handed them into NANDOS, and one other place before going to hand one in at the Woolshed again. BINGO I grabbed myself a trial tomorrow at 7pm till 9 and till 10pm if I pass, after speaking to head Chef Paul.

We headed up to DFO shopping centre back past our house, we got some good wine to go home and celebrate my break-through on the job front. (I printed off 10 CV's, turned out I only needed 3!!)

We got back watched Blood diamond on DVD and ate pasta, drinking the wine.


10th June 2009:


I got up and went to go and get some new shoes for my trial tonight at the Woolshed; I got some for $19.95 and then decided I'd buy a new belt too!!

I felt confident, I feel I would get the job tonight; however I was unsure what to expect. Once back from DFO I walked to town for my 7pm start.

I was upbeat on the way thinking about why I was doing this, thinking about Fiji and New Zealand, the future of our trip. I went to McDonalds' grabbed a burger as I was 30 minutes early.

I walked in and was greeted by Jake, the 2nd chef. I went to the toilets got changed... here we go 2 hour trial...

I was left on my own early as I was only on the pot-wash, I got my head down and ploughed through the dishes and quickly made desserts, the time was going so slow, but as the rush died I slowly realised that it must have been 9pm, but just as I thought I was in the clear the dish rack (full of plates) over the sink slipped down in to the sink, the plates all crashing out and all over the floor... EMBARASHING!! I knew something was going to happen, but did not expect this. However, It never mattered as I was asked back and passed the trial 20 minutes later... I HAVE A JOB!! I start tomorrow at 1pm.

I walked back, strutting like a beast, smiling from ear to ear.

I got back, told Becky the news... She was happy; she had been chilling all evening, waiting for me.