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A day trip to Kuranda by Sky Rail and moving into Poppys place.

Written on: Saturday June 6th, 2009


6th June 2009:

Phone alarm goes off at 730am, we got ready for our day trip but at the same time we packed our bags ready to place in to storage in at the hostel for the day (as today we moved in to our house share at 5pm, upon our return). Just as we finished this our tour bus arrived.

We got on board and the little mini-bus took us to the sky rail, the driver commentating along the way as we crossed over the Barron River, which contained Crocodiles and lots of them, although we never saw one.

We arrived at the sky rail at 1030am, we waited to board for 5 minutes and once we were at the front we got shown the way to our own cable car, which was cool. The cable car climbed the mountain and went up in to the rain forest up to the first stop, a boardwalk at the highest point of the mountain and the rainforest. The climb up the mountain in this cable car was amazing as you could see views stretching for miles.

On the boardwalk we met a tour guide that explained to us about the rain forest and how it grows, how certain plants search for light and he told us which birds and animals are crucial to the Daintree rainforest.

We boarded the sky rail once more, which went down-hill high over the rainforest to the next stop, Barron Falls boardwalk. We walked along on the boardwalk once there and found the waterfall view point not far along.

The waterfall looked brilliant, but I kept thinking what must it be like in the wet season from December to March, as it was running quite dry, however it still looked amazing through the trees.

We jumped back on to the sky rail and up to Kuranda village, once there we caught a free bus in to town, this dropped us right outside the koala park, so in we went. It cost $16, and we received a little discount through the tour operator we had booked the day out with.

Entering the park we walked across a bridge, seeing little crocs and turtles in the water below, before we walked along and saw lizards and then Becky's Favourites, the koalas. Three of them sat in trees, looking sleepy but fun, looking mischievous yet cuddly.

Once we past the koalas we went on in to the park further and through a gate, this we learnt was the Kangaroo enclose, and we found out soon enough too, as two then three bounced past us, as if we weren't there. We took some photos posing next to them before I spotted kangaroo feed near the other gate to the pen, so I went out, grabbed some and came back, handing some to Becky we both then proceeded to feed the little joeys right by our feet. They just weren't scared, it was like they were used to attention after all these years.

After this we went through snake pen, which was a little scary and not as fun before we left the small park.

We then walked around the markets before grabbing a bite to eat in a cafe up the main street.

I bought Becky a bracelet, which I spotted - I sneaked off to buy it while she went to wash her hands in the toilet, after feeding the kangaroos.

We then realised my watch had stopped half way through the day, I checked the time on my phone instead and realised that luckily we still had 30 minutes to catch our train, for a minute there we thought we had missed it and we were 2 hours from Cairns. We walked to the station, taking a few pictures once there of the old style train and the platforms.

Boarding the 1530 train, (which left on time, unlike those crap National Express ones back home) we found a seat near the windows, which were always open so that passengers could see the ongoing views on the way back to Cairns.

The journey back was full of fantastic mountain ranges, waterfalls, and rainforest and sea views. I could talk about them all day but I suggest looking on Facebook at my photos of this day. All of the views were brilliant and we took over 300 pictures each today. We arrived back in Cairns at half 5, before walking to grab some food from Woolworths and getting back to move in to our house at about 7 ish.

We got placed in to room 3, this was to be our room for the next few weeks, in fact we don't know how long, I'm going to go job hunting again very soon and we could be here longer than we think.

The house is lovely; we settle in, it is a well done out house and so far our house mates seem nice enough. There is a French couple in room 4, an English girl in room two and an Irish guy in room one – the English girl had loads of travelling stories to tell.

We cooked, chilled and got to bed after a tiring day at about 1am.