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Cairns 2nd June - 5th, Tropic Days.

Written on: Tuesday June 2nd, 2009

2nd June 2009:

A lay in first today before going to pay for our room and going to get WIFI for the day to get all up to date with home.

Walked to town about 3pm and went to get my hair cut and Becky bought a pink bracelet in Cairns central.

When at hostels here you get given a free hostel meal ticket for use at the Woolshed for a free meal any night apart from Monday and Thursday... So we went and ate, the food was plenty good enough for us.

We went to Woolworths bought food and got back to hostel, which was a very long walk away from town, about 8pm.

My hair cut today was shocking... thinned out all over and basically just chopped in to over and over, very poor. $15 dollars wasted, from now on Becky will be cutting my hair. It was longer at the back than it was on top, eh? I never asked for a mullet.

I also found out today that my buddy Darren is back in the UK already, he got back on 20th May. I was gutted for him when I found out why. Becky and I sat talking about it for awhile before bed.





3rd June 2009:


Laid in bed till 3pm, then walked to town and registered with local NAB bank, grabbed our free meal in the Woolshed before getting back about 9. Early night too.

Becky is still sorting my hair out.

We are just relaxing after a busy few weeks...


4th June 2009:


Up at 10, for once, paid room fees and asked about a house share across the street. We went to have a look round and decided we liked it and would be moving in on Saturday evening. We paid all the deposits up, our rent would be $100 each a week, 50!! Good hay?

Walked up to town again, grabbed a coffee on the Esplanade at Dolce & Caffe on Shields St.

I printed out my CV and started to hand it out today, these places included the Woolshed.

We applied for our tax codes in Travellers Express and went to chill on the Lagoon till 5pm before witnessing the sunset and going to Woolworths before getting the free taxi back to the hostel. (We can get this free mini bus at certain times of the day to town or back to the hostel; this mini bus is provided by the hostel.)


5th June 2009:

Up at 9am, caught the free bus to town at 1215pm, we sunbathed on the Lagoon till 4ish then bumped in to Luke and Rob and had a chat with them before we went to eat again at the Woolshed.

Got back about 8pm.

We booked a trip to Kuranda today and we will go tomorrow while waiting to move in to our house. The trip sees us going up a cable car to the rainforest and then onwards to Kuranda town, we can then walk about before coming back by scenic train to Cairns.

I'm not sure what it is like here, in terms of jobs but I need one so i hope it works out, there is a lot of chef jobs about I hear so I may need to go back in to that for awhile.