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From Airlie to Cairns

Written on: Monday June 1st, 2009

1st June 2009:

It rained all night, very hard and because of this we were kept awake... However today we leave for Cairns.

We pack up the soaked tents, but Rob was in a mood for some reason again this morning, a foul mood that me and Becky were none the wiser about, this lead to silence for an entire 7 hour journey with no car radio... so ipod for me then.

We arrived in Cairns at about 730pm and went for another Mcdonalds before meeting Luke outside GIlligans hostel so that he could direct us to a car park.

It was pissing down with rain for the last hour of our journey and it still was here in Cairns.

We parked the car in the hostel car park, Rob and Luke left to check Rob in so Becky and I took the risk to take all of our stuff with us, which by now was a lot... we had been living in a car for awhile after all.

Our hostel was the Castaways, or it was supposed to be. We walked to Terminus street looking for where the lady had said there were based when I rung earlier, once there we were wet and could not find a thing, not a single hostel never mind our hostel. I called them; they were not letting anymore people in as it was past 8pm... Great, we were now wet, hostel-less and in need of a double room and a hot shower.

We walked around on to Scott Street, after an unsuccessful attempt at gaining a place at Grekos backpackers, and we saw a girl getting in to a van outside Travellers oasis hostel/guesthouses. I knocked on the dor of the van and said we wanted a room for the night and did they have one, the girl said no they didn't but there partner hostel called Tropic Days had and that she would take us there as she was then heading there anyhow... BONUS! Oh the rain then stopped, typical.

We were placed in a double room sharing a bathroom and a kitchen with one other room, however no-one was staying in the other room, meaning it was all ours... $59 for the night (15 each).

We walked to the shops, grabbed some milk came back, showered and got in to bed knackered.