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Airlie Beach till the 1st June - where the sun's at!!

Written on: Saturday May 30th, 2009


Saturday 30th May 2009:


Today I thought it was a Friday till 1800 hrs tonight when I worked out then it was a Saturday.

Once awake we found out Rob had made friends the night before while we were asleep in our tent, he had gone and chatted to a few people in the kitchen area and he was going to the Lagoon with them today. So Becky and I had the day to ourselves.

We left at 12pm and went to Airlie Lagoon which is a man made beach on the front off the man road. These things are made here due to the amount of Jelly fish in the seas here, there is a lot of stingers including the box jelly-fish, if you have never heard of it, Google it... trust me I do not wana be stung by one of these things.

We laid till 4pm sun-bathing and relaxing before going to find a bite to eat on the main Airlie road. We found potato skins in a Mexican grill bar that did the trick.

We then walked to the harbour viewpoint to watch the sunset before walking back about 6pm.

Bed at 10 after food and chillaxing.

31st May 2009:

We get up about 9 ish this morning and we decided to stay an extra day, so me and Rob went and paid for another nights stay in the Island gateway holiday park.

Becky and I then go to the Lagoon while Rob goes out sailing with his newly acquired friends. We also sold a couple of books picked up on our travels so far in an exchange bookshop.

After chilling on the Lagoon till 4.30pm we went and found an internet which was a dollar for an hour. While online I found details of places for me and Becky to stay in Cairns... But while online Becky found out that her ex had decided to cheat on her some 9 months ago and that he was now a father because of this stupid act of unprotected sex. Becky was obviously upset and we went for a drink to talk it over. However happiness came from this as we then found the best Rose' wine to date, made by Brown Brothers a lovely moscato that soon cheered Becky up. We would seek to buy a bottle or two of this at a later date...

We went back to the site via the chip shop; we were back on the site by 9pm and ate crumpets later.