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Brisbane to Airlie Beach - back on the road - 26th May -

Written on: Tuesday May 26th, 2009

May 26th Continued:-


We found a campsite in Yandina. This site was full of locals that lived here permanently. The site was also soaking wet, the Sunshine coast had been smashed with rain and had been flooded heavily over the days previous, ironically. The rain held off as we got the tents up, but not before me and Rob had a little penalty shoot-out competition with a mini football while Becky slept in the car.

We cooked pasta had a bottle of wine as night fell early, bed at 11pm, very early.


27th May 2009:


Packed away tents and on the move by 11 again.

We really needed to get some mileage in today as this road trip was dragging. We managed quite a few today as it turned out reaching a city called Bundaberg.

We located a great caravan park in Bargara, it turned out to be really clean and possible the best site yet.

We put up the tents in the dusk, then me and Becky had a cous-cous and chicken dinner in a Moroccan sauce, all bought from a Woolworths in Bundaberg before finding the site.

The atmosphere is awful tonight as Rob cannot wait to get to Cairns, Becky and me want to see things.


28th May 2009:

Got speaking to a very friendly lady this morning on the campsite kitchen who offered us advice on a trip here-on and she mentioned that it's a further 16 hour drive from Bundaberg to Cairns.

We drove at a got pace once leaving and got up to a place called Yeppoon, we found a site set up the tents before the sun started to drop. So we ran up to the shore line up a big hill and up to a viewing point over-looking the sea and the town behind us.

The sun started to set; the picture was amazing, mountains and the town and outlines of trees to the north-east and the ocean to the east with the long beach below the coast road. We stood watching the sky changing from red to pink to purple and then on to an orange glow for an hour. The sunsets here in Australia are brilliant the sky fills up with colour and not only is the sky colourful where the sun is setting it also fills the sky opposite with colour and taints the clouds with colour too.

We cooked and drank wine while sitting in the car in the evening.

Oh finally the ground was so hard and firm the tents were a right chore to get up, it took me pouring 4 litres of water on the ground to sort it.


29th May 2009:


8AM, up and out of the tents and on the road by 0930... We drove to Mackay today on a very outback Australia road 4 hours of long road with nothing on it, just very straight. It was very very hot today, hotter than a British summer's day in the Aussie winter.

The only stop that we made was at a service station, the only one we saw, for a sandwich and a drink stop.

We eventually arrived at Airlie Beach about 5pm and headed to a caravan part through the other side of town about a twenty minute walk back to town. It cost $25 for 2 nights (6 a night each).

All of us then went to the shopping centre and supermarket down the road, once the tents were up.

Once back Becky decided to have a nap... again.

We decided to stay at Airlie Beach for 2 days after reading good things about it in the lonely planet guide left for us in Matilda (the car).