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Brisbane 25th May - 26th.

Written on: Monday May 25th, 2009


25th May 2009:

Up at 11am, packed up the tents and then Becky and Rob fed more parrots.

I snapped away at the hills and the lake.

Then we drove to Brisbane via Ipswich, yes dirty Ipswich in Australia, where we stopped at a mall to buy some more cheap supplies... we Spent our hard earned Norfolk cash in Ipswich, haha.

We drove on and into Brisbane. We parked up eventually; it was about 3pm we then walked a short way to the hostel that we booked while in the car on the way to Brisbane. The hostel was Base central on a main road in Brisbane. Me and Becky went to our room and Rob this time checked in to a dorm on his own, we got to our room and realised it had not been made up so I went and complained and we got put in a roof room, basically room 507 was only accessible via the roof and by taking the lift to the top floor of the hostel and then outside past the BBQ area – it was great to have a double room at last.

About 5pm we went for a walk around town, Becky and I really liked the town centre here it was very arty and really was set out nicely.

We got back changed and locked our key in our room on the way out for dinner at 10pm, too late for anywhere as it turned out. (We also both got asked for ID on the way in to the hostel bar. – I am 27, have not been asked for id for years!!)

We had a free drink in the hostel bar provided for staying in their hostel, nice of them hay? Becky and I then left rob to "unwind" further and we went to find food, but after walking around the whole city for awhile we realised the only place open was a Hungry Jacks (Burger king). We both had whoppers and fries and a Fanta, which Becky then preceded to spill all over our food and my white t-shirt, we bought more and I ate up. (Becky claims that the cup broke.)

I went to the toilet and Becky then got chatted up, (there had been a freaky guy wearing a blue jacket and hugging his bag while we were upstairs in Burger King), the minute I stepped inside the toilet he came over and proceeded to ask Becky, "Are you married?" Becky had to say "no" he replied "because if your not can I please take you to dinner?" Becky said "no" so he then decided to start preaching to her with parts from the bible... I came out of the toilet and noticed all of the people staring at me as if waiting for Becky to tell me and to see my reaction. Becky did not tell me till we had left hungry Jacks...

I was shocked as to why Becky had rejected him, a god lover, a great dresser and American oh and in his 50's, surely he was a missed opportunity? Hehe.

Got back did some washing before going to bed at 2am.


26th May 2009:


9am: up and awake, dressed and ready to check out. Becky and I keep feeling crap in the mornings at the moment, really cruddy, but I think it's down to the lack of "real" food, we keep eating junk food.

We found Rob outside while we grabbed a coffee and then we put the rucksack back in the car before the three of us walked to the south bank and the man made lagoon. The south bank was a little similar to that in London, but a lot smaller. Buskers had parts for them to perform during summer months and there was a small wheel, a very small London eye.

We got back to the car park for 1pm and made our way out of Brisbane and up to the Sunshine coast