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Sydney 19th - 21st May 2009 - A city in the dark.

Written on: Tuesday May 19th, 2009

Tuesday 19th May 2009 leading into the 20th May.

Got up late, noise from neighbours in other hostel rooms; all three of us could not sleep (Becky, me or Rob) – an awful start to Sydney and Australia, ear plugs needed tomorrow.

We took a bus in to town, but as we woke up so late after being so tired yesterday and sleeping today because of this we only left the hostel at 3pm. It was raining heavily, and the bus from Coogee Beach to Sydney took us about an hour as the driver took his time, especially when the wind started flaring up.

We walked around the harbour after darting in a shop to buy an umbrella each (a nice 12), then the rain stopped the minute we bought them... it was now dark but from what we saw the harbour looked great but not as large as it seems in the pictures, everything seemed a lot more squashed together. I took some pictures but these did not come out as my camera started playing up, the rain I think, however it was working again later... typical! (Becky's battery was dead and Rob does not know what a photo is!)

At about 7pm we walked from the harbour to Kings cross and went to use all of our free drink vouchers, which we got given by the hostel, in a row. We got a tad drunk and headed back via tube and taxi.


We also bought a box of goon each on the way back tonight. Goon is basically cheap wine in a box. Now Rob got a little too drunk off this cheap wine and decided to walk to the beach piss off the locals before coming back and start a full blown war against me which started at 3am and ended at 8am (with me and him talking on the beach). I must point out that I will not forget much of the stuff he said about me and it certainly will cause ill feeling on our journey up to Cairns.

So I then get in about 8 am and go to sleep, after apologising to all the neighbours outside our room that had been kept awake by the shouting and Rob's ridiculous behaviour.

So we woke up at 3pm again, two days in Sydney so far... WASTED!

We looked in to buying a car off a French guy (we knocked him down and offered him $1350, take it or leave it, I will talk about the car later) before going to buy loads of food... however I was in a seriously depressed mood after last night's outburst by Rob, which seemed to have been forgotten about by him today.

The French guy called back later to accept the offer. The car, a Holden Commodor 3.8 V6 comes with most of our camping equipment, tents, cooking stuff and a mains adaptor for the cigarette socket plus a load of other goodies. However there would be things we would need to buy on top. From tomorrow we will be camping all the way to Cairns, a trip that takes locals 5 days straight.

It rained heavily and was blowing a gale all day today; it really did not help my mood.

Oh finally the surfside at Coogee beach is totally shit, our room is tiny, the hostel dirty and I hate it.