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Onward to Sydney, Australia.

Written on: Monday May 18th, 2009


Monday 18th May 2009: Onward to Sydney, Australia.

We got up again at 6am, after only a couple of hours sleep. We just could not sleep as the next point is where decisions need to be made, it is no longer a holiday as such as we need the money soon.

So... Rucksacks on we walk to the tube for a train at 7am heading towards Changi airport.

We checked in, and flew on the brand new Quantas A380 plane which has to be the most comfy plane I have EVER been on, it was comfy. We did have one complaint though, the food it was awful, truly shocking and must have been put on at the re-fuel in Singapore.

We flew for 8 hours to Sydney, but we were over Australia for 7 hours, now that gives you an idea of the size of Australia, its huge. 7 hours to cross from just west of Darwin to Sydney. Wow, the views of the red centre out of the window were awesome though.


We landed in Sydney at 7pm and then got two buses to Coogee beach. Once we arrived we grabbed a Mcdonalds each (the plane food was that bad!). We then checked in at the awful Surfside backpackers, were all three of us shared a room no bigger than Becky's kitchen, (Jayne) (or for other reference points, Martyn's old room mum, or your kitchen Dad, or your spare 3rd bedroom room Shaun, or for mates, the size of my old living room downstairs at Thorpe road.) basically this was shit. In my hand written diary I didn't comment on this room till day 2.

Bed time.