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Singapore ensues - 15th to the 18th May.

Written on: Friday May 15th, 2009

15th May 2009: Singapore ensues.


Up by 0630 and we are tired we go to the monorail, which took us all the way to Sentral station. From here we caught a train to Singapore.

People kept staring at us, we were tired and the bags weighed a ton, as we carried them from the monorail station to the train station. We found the escalator up to the station and finally found the ticket office, where we collected our tickets that we pre-booked days and days before.

Our train left on time, it was a pleasant train that cost 13 each to travel first class for 8 hours, it was comfy but the toilets were awful, basically a hole in the train going outside.

We won't arrive till 4pm, and we have another problem, we have no destination, we never actually booked a room in Singapore, for us and for Rob who was joining us.

We arrived at Singapore station at about 4pm, after having to depart the train upon entry to go through passport control like a flight, bags checked the lot. We walked from the station looking for an internet cafe so that we could book a room here in Singapore. We eventually found one, after wrong directions from a local. We sat in there and booked the fragrance Emerald hotel through Agoda.com who had so far proved to be awesome (we had used them in Krabi and Bangkok). The guy in the internet cafe was rude and never deserved our custom, but we had no choice, he ignored me on more than one occasion when i was paying to use his services.

3 nights in our hotel was 40 each for 3 nights and 80 for Rob. We made our way via taxi to our hotel, which turned out to be in the middle of Gaylang the red light district.

Rob knocked on our door about 30 minutes later, he had Rose' wine in his hand too, a god send!! We had not had a drop of the stuff for a month.

We went in search of food at about 8pm; however this was not a successful task for a long long time to come. Gaylang main strip was full of restaurants that were sit down, hurry up and order our nice seafood, frog or cat dinner. Every time we walked up or close to a place to eat we were forced to sit without looking at a menu, which we declined tens of times. This carried on for 45 minutes, the whole time the locals staring at Becky; it was like she was a piece of the meat sitting on their plates.

We then walked back to the hotel, asked their advice before grabbing a taxi to Clarks Quay in town.

Clarks Quay, was modern, clean and full of hip hop bars all with a theme, so funky but oh so expensive. An 8 pint pitcher was 55.

We ate on the river front, the views were fantastic but I wasn't the happiest because for the first time money came in to play, things were going to be tight for me and for Becky.

We grabbed a cab back that charged us more as it was after 12am; we sat in Rob's room and chilled till 2am chatting about the fun that was THAILAND.


16th May 2009:

Woke up late today, a lay in was needed, the days feel so long when you travel and then arrive in a new place. You have to see the place especially when you don't have long there so you don't always have as much sleep as you should. Becky felt a lot better today to after her recent illness.

We went out at about 1pm, and got a tube to town; we walked around the town hall area and from there walked to the Singapore flight wheel. This was basically the London eye but bigger, the largest in the world it turned out.

There was an event on to celebrate a year of the wheel, there were loads of football based games on that me and Rob enjoyed and both won a deck of cards doing. My event involved kicking a football through a hole from afar, soccer AM style.

We then paid 15.00 to board the wheel, $30 Singapore, which is expensive, but it had to be done... and so it turned out, the views were amazing and over looked the whole of Singapore; you could also see Indonesia and Malaysia in the distance either way.

We walked around more of Singapore after the wheel, taking pictures and looking around. We found a bar had a pint on by one get one free and then had food in a Thai restaurant.

There were loads of Japanese around that love to do stupid poses while their mates take photos of the ridiculous pose they have selected.

Back home via 7-eleven, back by 10pm.


Sunday 17th May 2009:

Had a Huge lay in again today, before getting up and going to see China town. However we never left the hotel room till 3pm.

Rob got himself a tattoo in China town, which was brave of him.

We went for food at the stalls near the theatre which was finally cheap, as so far EVERYTHING here has been very expensive, nothing is cheap. The food at these stools was very good value however, and we all ate a tasty treat before heading back about 9pm and grabbing some beers to have at the hotel.