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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 13th to 15th May.

Written on: Wednesday May 13th, 2009

13th May 2009: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


We awake at 8am so that we can get up and ready in time to catch our cheap bus to the airport, we booked this yesterday after Becky spotted it advertised (the normal taxi to the airport is about 14, this cost 1.50 each) in a local travel shop. Our bus is at 0955.

The bus was full of people staring at us again, but it was nothing compared to what would follow in Malaysia...

We got our plane after the easiest check in, in history and the flight took only 50 minutes to reach Kuala Lumpur. Once at the airport we had to go through a heat test (swine flu had "threatened" to over-take the world while we were in Thailand), this now meant forms and long, long queues. This took longer than checking in at Krabi airport. WE WERE FINE, NO FLU'S HERE!!

We paid for a coach 15 Ringgit (3) and as the ticket said, this gave us a FREE SEAT... WOW. The coach would take us the 70 km's in to the centre of KL, and to our hotel in the Maytower.

We were on this coach for what seemed like hours, Becky fell asleep (no, surely not –JK) twice before we arrived. Once there they dropped everyone off at their individual hotels, and we were second from last... the coach went round and round and round KL... so that's it... seen it all!!



1800 hours:

Our hotel was massive; we were four floors from the top the 27th floor. The view from our hotel room window, SCARY!

We chilled and then went for a walk into China town for food and this was an experience: everyone it seemed stared at us, and especially Becky and our hotel being in little India really did not help us out here.

We ate in a travellers bar where they had everything Bob Marley on the walls, just as we had seen similar places in Thailand like this. The place was dark and smelled really funny; I have not felt this uncomfortable since travelling. I ate quickly, Becky quicker and we walked back, being stared at all the way. KL at night? not nice.

We got back to the hotel and realised we needed a special key to operate the lift which we were not allowed, meaning we had to go up and down the lifts at other peoples will... great 27 floors of this... up down, up down.


14th May 2009:

We were awoke at, I'm not sure what hour of the day by a screaming little kid next door to us, and us we had a door locked between the rooms, it sounded like the little shit was screaming at the end of our bed... He practically was.

The parents ignored him and banged away themselves; I banged on the door and guess what... the parents banged back... More losers!

We got up for breakfast at half 9... Oh no we missed breakfast because of me... I hadn't put the clock on my mobile forward another hour after landing at KL airport, its 7 hours ahead of the UK here, it was really 1030 am and we had missed breakfast!!

We get ready to head to town instead; we walked around the city taking in the sights... The KL tower was huge and the Petronas was even bigger. Massive. We went through a couple of malls that were very posh and ready-made for rich people.

We got back about 5pm, Becky had a rest while I went for a swim in the hotel pool... the weather had clouded over and as i swam the heavens opened and the thunder came...

It was not going to stop so we decided to eat in the hotel, the food was a tad over priced, but going outside was not really an option. We had a couple of decent meals each.

The rain stopped for a few minutes, so after dinner we ran in our rain macs to the 7-eleven shop to stock up on supplies for our train ride to Singapore tomorrow.

We got back by 1130pm, got the bags packed this time, however we did not get to sleep till almost half 2am as Becky's recent ill feelings came to light... It was a massive relief all round, she can now get better... however we need to be up at 6am... zzzz