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Krabi the return.... 9th May - 13th May.

Written on: Saturday May 9th, 2009

9th May 2009:


Ohh Dear!!!!!!!

Up today with what felt like 4 hours sleep, so tired, but we made the taxi to Krabi, just..!! but we got up late, missed our alarm call by the hotel (basically because the noise from the Malaysians again kept us awake all night) and the whole mini bus sat waiting for us outside for 30 minutes while we finished packing our bags, which we mistakenly did not do the night before as we had before.

REVENGE: It was 6am, so I thought we could make us much noise as we could, especially for our little Malaysian friends along the corridor. We opened our door while packing, BANG BANG BANG...!!! "YOU READY BECKY??" I WOULD SHOUT... "NO" SCREAMED BECKY BACK.... he he he. BANG BANG BANG right along the corridor we went... making sure I "accidently" brushed a few doors along the way!!! HAHA that is how us English do it...!!! Wankers!

We got to Krabi after a long drive in the taxi-van and eventually found our hotel, without much help from our driver, who had claimed to know where he was going after collecting us from the bus station in Krabi town. Our hotel was sweeeeeet 5.50 a night each for this, free WIFI, a huge King bed and beautiful mountain and coastal views from our balcony. It was also clean, with a marble bathroom and no Malaysians free of charge!! Lol.

Prenang Flora House in Ao Nang, Krabi: The nicest place of our entire Thailand adventure coming last, but not least and best of all... we booked it!

While Becky got settled in I went and rented myself another toy (aka a scooter) and then once Becky was ready we rode to Tesco's out towards the airport. You can think of Krabi like a massive triangle, in one corner you have Krabi town (there is not a lot here, also there is no beach here as its situated on an estuary) then you have Ao Nang in another corner which is along near the coast, this is the tourist part and finally you have the airport at the top of the triangle, the distance between each is at least 25 km's.

So I drove us for 25km's although I did not know it was this far at the time and it was drizzling with rain at the start of the journey, which wrecked my first t-shirt as it got mud flicked up at it from bikes in front of us (as I have said before bikes dominate the roads here). The roads here however, are awesome curving one way then the next with large mountains or caves coming on either side at any time and the speed limit is 80km, which is a good speed on these roads, undertaking cars and racing alongside another 10/12 bikes is a good feeling.

Anyway, Tesco's. Yeah we bought food... Lol.

We got back to flora house hotel and went to sleep between 630pm and 930pm as we were shattered, mainly because of the pesky Malaysians the previous night and our early start. We finally woke up and then went out for pasta in Krabi in a place that was still serving and had offers on. However the portion was shit, and the food bland. What you expect at 10pm hay? Krabi is also very quiet as it's the full moon party in Koh Phangan this weekend, as guess what? It is a full moon here.

Went back to bed early and read our new books. We have now been travelling over 3 weeks; it has all gone so quick.


Sunday 10th May 2009:


We got up at 11am and drove out to the lovely beach that we found on our last trip here, Ban Klang Moung. Again it was deserted, with just a couple of kids playing in the sea along the beach which must stretch 3km's. We chilled here till 4pm, sunbathing and reading.

Getting back for 5pm we then watched the sun setting over Ao Nang bay. This was amazing and again the cameras came out. We then ate at Jeanette's once more this evening; Becky and I do have our fav's!

11th May "09":

Becky awoke first today, just like yesterday; I finally manage to open my pesky eyes by 11am.

I went on the net before we got ready to head out, and off to breakfast at Jeanette's. Scrambled egg on toast, yum.

We rode east today to the gastropod fossil site, we didn't go in as you could A. See it from the top of the hill and B. It was pricey. We came back looking at a couple of beaches along the way and although they weren't like the beaches to the west, I found one to be very pleasant, however Becky felt she could not relax here and felt that the beach was hiding something, so we moved on.

So we went back to Ao Nang and chilled on the beach there, which was good as we hadn't actually done this before even though this was our second visit to Krabi. Becky felt rough on the beach here; she hasn't been very well for a while. We also got to see the awesome sunset again in the early evening.

We also looked in to the price for a day trip to Railay beach for tomorrow, 80 Baht each way. That's 1.50 ish; I thought it would be loads more. Railay is basically a beach or three actually only accessible by sea or by long tail boat in this case; this is because it has mountains surrounding it blocking access by road. Apparently it's a gorgeous beach and has a cave two on one of the beaches, although only locals know how to access this particular beach (I read my guide books!!).

In the evening we eat at a lovely little Mexican restaurant just off the main road in a little side street. Pizza, chicken satay and garlic bread, yum.!

Got back and did some washing at 11pm.





12th May 2009:

Today is our last day in Krabi; in fact it's our last day in Thailand. Tomorrow we fly to Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia from Krabi Airport.

So up for breakfast and then for our day trip to Railay Beach:

We caught the long tail boat around the coastline, 160 baht return as I said before, the sun was beating down it was a really hot day, just what we fancied on our last day in Thailand.

The long tail boat took about 20 minutes to bring Railay in to view the thing is I think you take these beaches for granted, as we have seen so many, but as I write this if there is one beach I'd like to lay on now it would be Railay, totally picturesque, surrounded by gorgeous rainforest covered mountains, the sea oh so very electric blue and the sand so soft and white.

I jumped in the sea very early in the day and I realised it stayed at shoulder depth right out as far as the head land went, as many beaches did here, meaning when the tide comes in it does not take long to swallow the cove. I loved the sea, and although it was very salty i jumped around in it like a whale, the tide pushing me back and forth while Becky laughed at me.

Sensational: that is Railay.

We walked around to Railay east and then watched the locals have a footy match on the beach, the first team to score makes the opposition go topless. We get our long tail boat back to Ao Nang at 1730.

We got back, after seeing another sunset and got ready for one last meal in Jeanette's.

Sawadee Kaa – Hello or welcome... Yes we finally learnt this, on our last day here!!!!

So tonight I had the greatest tasting sweet and sour chicken with fresh steamed rice and Becky a traditional Green curry. But we did not stop there we had four starters between us, similar to our last massive meal (with the pineapple boat) last time. Spring rolls with mango dip the highlight, closely followed by honey chicken breast wrapped in leafs with a chilli dip. Mmm. Becky did not stop smiling eating tonight.

Back by 11pm, and Becky took some pills to make her feel better today.

We came back and we was online, Becky talking to her mum (hi Jayne) and we heard a crash outside our hotel. A car smashed in to a motorcycle, the cyclist was rolling around in pain, it looked awful and the police were soooo slow to respond.

We are sad to be leaving Thailand; we have had an amazing time here, nothing short of brilliant. It's a great country with loads of culture, and we would love to go back to see the north one day. The people need to learn some manners as sometimes they can be very rude; however the beaches and the gorgeous picturesque views more than make up for this. Who knows when we will return to this land, but I for one hope it is very soon.