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Phuket 5th May - 9th May 09.

Written on: Tuesday May 5th, 2009

5th May 2009:

We got up at 8am, checked out getting away with the second part of our payment for the second nights room upgrade, a saving of 900 baht, nearly 20.

We caught the ferry at 9 and reached Phuket at 1030 we then hopped in to our free taxi to Aloha Villa. The ferry over was relaxing enough, although we were stared at the whole way once more, but after two weeks of this we were used to it now and ignored it.

We arrived at Aloha Villa, which on first sight looks nothing like a villa and inside looked nothing like a villa either. It is a bloody massive hotel with 5 floors and a swimming pool on the roof.

We chilled before heading out for a walk around Patong beach (another area ruined by the tsunami, but it has now recovered and it is unnoticeable) before going for pizza in a little pizza hut type place, this was the same company that we had eaten with in Sarat Turani, so trusted it, plus everything in Phuket costs more, a lot more, bottled water for example cost 1 more, instead of 20p like it is everywhere else in Thailand, and you need to drink this, it is essential with it being so hot.

We found a Thai restaurant across the street which was trusted by locals and travellers, so headed there for tea and it was actually the cheapest place we found while in Phuket. It was always packed, but we always managed to get a seat, and it was a make do kind of place. For example, you shared a table with other travellers or customers; you got served fast, ate, paid and were then asked to make way for others, but not in a rude way you still had time to relax. It suited us down to the ground.

After food we walked down to the main Patong Road and along the main strip. Hmm, where shall I begin? Well we were taken back by the amount of very old English men out on the prowl for Thai women, looking to pay for them and "have" them for the night firstly. Secondly, no i don't want to hold a monkey, have a massage, buy a suit (see Bangkok), get a taxi anywhere (I'm where I need to be already!) or see a ping pong show containing the latest thing a "knife show"?!?!?! For those not in the know Thai women like to pop ping pong balls out of their lady parts for an audience, I hate to think what happens in the knife show???!

We had a beer, in this awful street before heading back about 12am.


6th May 2009:

Total we experienced awful weather all we managed to do was go across to a bar which allowed us to use WIFI and sit there with a beer, it rained, HARD.

We went to the same restaurant as yesterday for food as it was cheap and easy. We were back at our hotel by 10pm. Today was the worst day so far here in Thailand, as me and Becky were also at each other's throats, the weathers fault id say as Bec's is like a solar panel and needs sun, otherwise she gets angry, maybe even explodes.

Only other thing of note today, we extended out stay in Phuket for two more nights, I'm not sure why as everything costs a lot here and we did not get a bike out to explore. It was mainly as we were out on our pre-paid trip and now needed time to sit and think what to do from here.


7th May 2009:

Today we get up and go eat our free breakfast; this was a set breakfast unlike yesterday when it was buffet style.

We then went into the town to find a Boots chemist as we were running low on certain supplies. We then spent the day chilling by the pool, which meant more of a tan.

We then hoped across the road to upload pictures to Facebook in a bar, while having a beer. We then headed out for food at about 8pm; we headed to an old English style restaurant off the main Patong road. We ate Lasagne and garlic bread.

We got back to hotel about 1230am only to be kept awake all night by a thunderstorm and about 15 Malaysians moving in to other rooms in our corridor. They made noise till at least 6am the wankers and after i banged on the door to shouted shut up, one of the little knobs called our room phone at about 4am asking "who's this??" I said our room number to which they kept replying "who?"... Grrr!


8th May 2009:

We got up and it was the first night I had slept in my new 24hour contacts so I awoke feeling sticky eyed – oh and tired, but that's the bloody Malaysians faults!

About 10ish we headed across the road to the same little restaurant across the road, number 6 for Beans on Toast. This was a first in Thailand.

After eating we walked to the large mall in Patong to look for a book to read each and we found one in a little exchange bookshop there.

We headed to the pool for the afternoon but a huge storm cut our bathing short, so we headed to a little pub to book up our onward trip through Malaysia. However we could not have a beer as it was Buddha day meaning no alcohol till 12am. So not only was it cold, and tipping it down with ran we could not drink either. However, while i was booking our trip up, Becky held the owners cute little dog which looked the same as the one in Phi Phi.

We booked 3 nights back in Krabi as we faced going back and seeing more, 2 nights in Kuala Lumpur with a flight to get there from Krabi and we also booked a train from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore (where we meet Rob next Friday).

We ate at Number 6 again in the evening, and got chatting to an Australian guy, and he gave us tips for Australia and Singapore. The rain had eased so we headed for a beer as it was 12am now, then BANG the heavens opened... the thunderstorms hit!!! We waited for it to stop but it just never did, so it was a case of running through it to the half mile to our hotel...

I jumped up, Becky took off her shoes and we ran trying to dodge in and out of shop doorways, it was easier than we thought as the roads and paths were clear of people as they were under cover, however we still got drenched. We jumped into a news agent, 7-Eleven and grabbed a bottle of wine, which we drunk inside our hotel room – while watching the thunder from our balcony....