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Phi Phi Island 3rd May through to the 5th.

Written on: Sunday May 3rd, 2009

3rd May 2009:


This morning we got a knock on the door, our taxi was at 9.. . the knock?? 7.50am!!!!!

We caught a ferry to Phi Phi island and for Becky this meant every sense of the word, one hour in to the boat trip. I'll explain...

The journey was taking longer than normal this morning as the sea was very choppy, so much so that as we were sitting on the front of the boat, we were getting soaked every 2 minutes as another large wave crashed against the side of the boat and then over it onto us, sitting on the front.

Now, as we were up so early this morning, due to our annoying little knock we had two cups of tea while waiting for our taxi to take us to the harbour.

So, one hour in and Becky needs a wee... Badly, so badly it hurts her to move. So let's just say the boat was soiled by Becky's Phi Phi. (whoops!)

We arrived at the Nice beach resort, (this was after I lugged our bags off the boat on my own as Becky dashed for the toilet) to see that we was supposed to be staying in a hut, a very dirty hut which had no toilet. So we upgraded this to a luxury hut for 8.00 each a night, for our two nights stay... Becky needs the toilet loads see!! Lol. The new room has an awesome mountain view.

Something else odd happened when i got off the boat with thousands of bags today; a Chinese girl came running up with a camera and took a photo of me in my Norwich city shirt that I had on (as today was our last game and we needed a miracle to stay up.), she then let me see it and ran off giggling. Now i put it down to one of three things;

1. She loved the colour, as a lot of people support brightly coloured teams English teams this side of the world.

2. She was a Norwich City fan, which she never mentioned so I doubt this. Or finally

3. I'm a good looking fella, and she could not resist taking a quick snap. Which of course IS the real reason, and the most likely.

So we went for a walk in the afternoon to get our bearings, this walk turned out to be one of the greatest moments to date...

Firstly we are on an island smashed by the Tsunami back in 2004, and very little evidence of this still remains. However, as you walk the little island it is always on your mind. And after walking the cute little streets closely linked together by little shop and many a food stall, the first thing we come across is the Tsunami village. This is an area ,up a hillside, where survivors ran to on that horrendous Boxing Day nearly 4 years ago, and in the weeks after the event built temporary homes on. It still remains, and many people still live there and at a guess it is because their homes or businesses still have not been rebuilt. Many kids run the streets, around this area and are all laughing and joking, many do not know what happened to brothers or sisters back then. A lot of children have been conceived since that day, and are now around the 4 years old mark, it is as if the parents needed to replace or treasure life.

Phi Phi is a simple sand mound between two mountains, created by the sea move up in between these mountains (see pictures from view point) and causing a ridge of sand, on which the island was built. The Tsunami must have flattened the place. We found it real odd that such things are so rarely spoken about in the UK anymore, as if it's forgotten. I remember thinking so many times here, what must have it been like on that terrible day, what if it happened again? And most importantly, would the new warning system put in place since, and the sign posts erected actually work in the event of another Tsunami?

We walked on through the village and found steps leading up high... and we started to climb them, and climb them, and climb them. Before these steps we saw a little dog, that could not get off the step outside a shop as it was too small, cute!

We were on a path that took us to a mountain view point, on part of Phi Phi Don which had apparently breathtaking views from the top. It took us 30 minutes to climb and walk and strut to the top and once there we were not disappointed:

You can see the whole island; you can see out to sea, you could see our beach hut. Breathtaking does not describe this view; we simply did not want to walk back down to the bottom. Amazing! (see pictures)

Becky bumped into her childhood friend from Norwich, Rosie today, she just happened to be staying in a bungalow that was two in front of ours... such a small world.

We went for food in the evening at a small restaurant in town called cosmic; the food was enjoyable but forgettable. The heat here was taking so much out of us that come 8pm every day at the moment we felt ill and very tired (and no, it is not my age!!).

However, we got back and had a small problem; I went out on to the balcony and Becky followed me, but for some reason closed the door behind her. This meant we were locked out of the bungalow so off we went in such of the owners' house to knock and beg them to let us in again. All we had with us had been flip flops and a beer each, Thank god for the beer is all I can say! After finding and knocking for the owner, we tried to explain the problem and after a 30 minute wait we got back inside. Got the keys Becky?

Norwich were relegated tonight, it pissed me off before going out to eat. Enough said.

The weather was overcast today – first time in ages.


4th May 2009:

We got up and ate Frosties, whilst sitting on our balcony, the weather was brighter today but just as hot.

Today we relaxed on our beach, which was all of ten meters away before moving to the adjacent beach 30 meters away and during the small walk we ate lovely pancakes cooked in front of us by a vendor with an odd sense of humour. On the 2nd beach we had to laugh and take the piss out of a tragic beach goer who decided to display his stupendous gym routine on the beach, running or plodding up the beach, then throwing himself it to 4, yes 4 press ups before walking back, stripping down in to his white panties and jumping in to the sea to do some lunges.... OH DEAR!

Earlier, on the first beach, we were in the crystal warm waters when a couple came on to the beach, the bloke had a camera and the girl went about posing for him on the beach in the sea, she pulled out all the moves including splashing herself with water while laying in a star position on the sand (for that wet look) while her bloke snapped away... OH DEAR PART 2!!

A kind of storm came about 4pm and moved us on our way, the wind was throwing sand about and this hurt and the weather became very overcast. So we headed back grabbed the laptop and went off for a snack in a bar with WIFI.

The relaxing day still contained a lot of walking us our beach bungalow is situated right at the end of the long sandy beaches, near the second mountain.

We went out in the evening and a place to eat, we ended up in a little restaurant on a little side road. As it's off peak season we managed to get free garlic bread and a free shot after our meal. We ate Thai food (James had sweet and sour and Becky a green curry) this was yummy, and the whole thing came to 330 Baht, which is about 6. I recommend GB PP restaurant. We walked around the town, before declining free drinks in a bar and going back to the bungalow. The night tiredness had set in again.

Tomorrow we head to Phuket.