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Krabi 1st May till 3rd.

Written on: Friday May 1st, 2009


1st May 2009: Krabi


We got up and caught a taxi to the south to get our coach – which then proceeded to board a ferry. Confussed?? Yes so was I.

I worked out what was happening by this formula – wild guess!!

The ferry took as to Surat Turani – when we arrived we realised that we had missed our connection as the ferry was slow. (Becky also fell asleep on this ferry and proceeded to have a further 6 naps today!)

So as we missed our coach we had to wait 2 hours for the "locals" bus to Krabi. To kill time we went for pizza in the town. Becky felt dizzy... (Must have been over due a nap – JK).

We boarded the so called coach at 1500 and off we went to Krabi, however we were almost late but made it just in time, getting the last two seats together. An hour in to the journey and we noticed all the children on the local bus kept staring at us, we think this was due to our skin colour, but they always looked at Becky more than me!

Note to self: local buses are full of local people, and my they are weird!! Becky had a guy sitting beside her that was the freakiest little man on planet earth – He kept trying to touch the kids walking by, make shit jokes to the parents and even tried talking to Becky while i was unaware, teaching her (wink wink) how to put her chair back. Note to self 2: its 2009, who the hell does not know how to put a chair back on a 1970's school bus!

This bus journey took forever and a day to complete, four hours later we arrived – the original bus would have completed this in 2 and a half.

We arrived in Krabi at the bus station at 6pm; we then had to arrange a taxi to the Mild bungalow resort in Ao Nang. The taxi had tags placed on it from every passing traveller, flight labels were hanging from the ceiling, stickers from boat and ferry trips were stuck to the roof and writing was all over the walls... "Tom Facebook me!! Birmingham England" one said, "Craig Leeds" another.

We get to Mild bungalows about 7pm, these were great the resort had a great setting – we chilled before going in to town about 9pm on another rented scooter. Becky had been feeling ill today, very ill.

We had a mixed meal tonight – pasta. They gave Becky's to me and mine to Becky. This turned out to be lucky for Becky as I had mushrooms in mine that I thought were squid pieces, they were sticky and long... so rank!!! We got back by 12am.






Saturday 2nd May 2009:


We get up around 10am and had breakfast provided by the Mild bungalows. The egg was rank... and the people serving decided English was a problem once more... "Orange juice sir?" ok, I will bring pineapple juice.

We went on the net while we got ready and then took the scooter out for the day, we only had to drive for five minutes west before coming across a National park, Noppara Thora. This was a beach heading out along a sand bank, all the way out to a small island. It is hard to explain exactly what this looked like and even the photos do not really capture exactly how fantastic this part of the National Park was. All the way along the sand bank were shells, not a few thousands, there were more shells than there was sand. These shells were not every day Great Yarmouth shells they were beautiful in colour and in size and shape, with every one better than the last. Becky and I collected about 20 shells each, and although you were not supposed to take these shells away from the environment, we did.

We then drove a lot further west from this National park and eventually stumbled across Ban Klang moung, Ban means beach and wow was this a beach. It was near the princess's residence and it was totally gorgeous, larger waves then on the tourist routes and very unspoilt and empty not a sole to be seen. We would never have found such a place without the bike. The sand was perfect, Becky did not stop smiling as she paddled in the sea... and then these smiles grew when i spotted an elephant on the beach....

Yes an Elephant, only a small one but it was being taken for a walk on the sun drenched beach by residents that lived close by; I have to say I never thought I would see an elephant on the beach.

Now, when i said earlier there was not a sole to be seen, I fibbed slightly, there was one guy... a Chinese man, who did nothing but stare at us and even followed us to our bike as we aimed to move on, he was totally weird.

At about 3pm we drove on, further west once back on the main road. I followed the road right round, ending up near a harbour and a port. This is where we would sit and watch the sun set, behind islands in the distance. The locals also came out to witness this, as well as some members of the Indian community, I wouldn't have mentioned this but they did a sunset dance, which to this day I don't know what this was for.

We took snaps as the sun set on what had been an awesome day in a country I never thought I would visit.

In the evening we found a restaurant called Jeanette's, owned by an English lady who moved across to Thailand some ten years previous. Our dinner was totally marvellous, served in a pineapple boat which had been cut out to place the rice inside. It was one of Jeanette's pre-set meals for 2, this included starters, a main, which we shared and a desert of fruit. (Although by this stage i could not eat a drop more.)