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Koh Samui - 28th April - 31st April 2009

Written on: Tuesday April 28th, 2009



April 28th 2009: The island of Koh Samui.


I awoke to the news via text from Shaun that Norwich needed a snooker to stay up after we lost 2-0 at home to Reading. Not the best of starts to the day I'd say.

Today we check out, hand in the scooter keys and get on the move to Koh Samui; this is where Matt is also staying.

We arrived on Koh Samui at 12ish after a boat trip from Koh Phangan; we then got a taxi to the Crystal Bay resort, which turns out to be the best accommodation yet – overlooking a gorgeous bay and the sea and totally secluded by mountains and rock formations.

We then checked in before deciding to rent another scooter, which is derestricted (finally), which means it will actually make it up the hills this time!!

After chilling and unpacking a few things, we take the bike out. We visit a big Buddha on the north-east of the island just past Cheweng Beach before visiting Tesco's where we could stock up on cheap stuff, water and such like.


We came back about 5pm and went for a sit down on the beach, where we saw an injured dog, his front paw had been cut open, but it liked me and came and sat next to me for a bit. As we left Becky screamed out loud as a totally mad-looking rabies ridden dog came bounding up the beach towards her, I have never seen Becky move so fast!!


We got ready before going for food at Cheweng Beach, on the main road in a little restaurant called Chilli. It was more expensive in Koh Samui so far than we were used to on previous islands.

We then met my mate Matt, at 9pm near KFC and me and Becky had a drink with him and his mates. He gave us loads of tips regarding his trip, what we should or shouldn't do also, so this was cool. He was going home in less than a week.

We got back about twelve but firstly we had a scare as we almost ran out of petrol or gasoline as they call it here in the scooter. We then searched and searched for some gasoline but believe it or not main petrol stations here close at 10pm and we could not find anywhere, we were kilometres from our resort and low, very low on fuel. So..... I did something we were told never to do under any circumstances when we rent the resorts bikes, fill up from a convenience store on the side of a road. However, I had no choice. (The reason you're not allowed is because locals buy the petrol, then water it down to make more money on it themselves.) I bought some, and although the bike stuttered back to the resort... it made it, I wasn't scared, HONEST!


April 29th 2009.


We awake at 10ish and go to eat a big Crystal bay breakfast, we also notice that we had been eaten alive by mozzies the previous night.

After eating we went looking for a free internet near lamui, why the chamber maid cleaned our room. We found one before coming back grabbing the laptop then heading to the coffee shop to have a pot of tea and catch up with you lot back home!

We then came back and went on to our private beach, I went snorkelling while Becky had a dip before sunbathing (with no cream on again!! – It's ok Jayne I told her off). I saw loads of brightly coloured fish while snorkelling, which was cool – I stole the snorkel set from the resort.

When I came back, we moved closer to the middle of the beach for sun reasons (Becky decided red wasn't enough and wanted Lobster) and then sat watching the other beach goers – and taking the piss out of them, including an odd looking man who looked suspiciously gay. We chilled for the rest of the afternoon.

We took the bike out in the evening and found a Thai restaurant in Lamui, where I had a curry and Becky a chicken noodle dish. After this we headed to Cheweng for an Ice Cream in Hagen Daas.

We head back about 11pm, I text my mum and found out she has a laptop – so Hi Mum.




April 30th 2009:


We woke up today and went for another good breakfast, including fresh melon – while overlooking the bay. Oh the weather is so terrible... NAH!

This morning, the guy that I think is Scandinavian came to breakfast with his mate and then proceeded (as he also did yesterday) to eat breakfast in his underpants while scratching his balls, and then to my horror his mate started scratching his too..... (Good night lads??? Have fun together??? hehe.)

We then took the bike down south and went to the Grand-father and the Grandmother rock formations, we stopped at these for awhile taking a few snaps, although they were hard to reach and the signs were a little confusing.

We then drove on and came across the smallest waterfall in the world, although we did not know this at the time. It was sign posted from the main road and we instantly thought wow... and WOW indeed. We arrived parked our little bike and proceeded to follow the signs which said view point 5 minutes away, left, or right, or straight, or up a giant mountain looking like it hasn't got a path... in fact we followed the signs around and around and back to where we started. However, we did stumble across the world's smallest little trickle which looked like a small tap leaking in to a dirty sink. However we did manage to lose 400 pounds each in preparation for next year's marathon!!!!!! WATERFALL MY ARSE – I wasn't swearing at all...!!

We drove back about 3pm and to Lamui beach, we stopped here and went on to the beach and in the sea for a swim. Once we got back to the beach, Becky fell asleep while I watched out over the Crystal waters – playing football on my I-pod.

We got back on the bike about 5pm, I really wish we had time to bike more of this island, however we move on tomorrow.

We came back and chilled with a beer, while attempting to plan out future travels through Malaysia to Singapore. However you will see what we decide in the following days.

Alert: we had a leaky air-con system today, which squirted water everywhere – I alerted the resort staff straight away – to which they look bemused and confused, as they always do in Thailand when something goes wrong – plus English flies out of the window, conveniently.

I then realised I had taken tomorrows bus ticket into the sea earlier, while i swam in Lamui. So it took me and Becky a lot of effort to convince the receptionist that the air-con system had leaked on to the bed and onto my shorts containing the ticket in the pocket (wink, wink). She really made us angry as she refused to issue another for ages or accept that the air-con was even broken. Her words were to the effect of "why you place things under a leaky air-con" to which Becky kept saying "we did NOT know it was leaking when we put stuff on THE BED, the air-con leaked on the bed later!!" Finally she wrote another, difficult wasn't it love???

We then finished the day with a bike ride to Cheweng to get Becky some money out before having our last meal here at the big blue restaurant; this was set in the mountain side and was a great way to end Koh Samui. Back to the resort by 12am.

Quick note: the air-con leaked again on to Becky's head while i was collecting our washing from the balcony. I heard a scream, which i thought was from elsewhere, then when i walked in to the room Becky said "you hear me?" "I got wet!!".

So... Becky then wrote a note to leave for the resort – as apparently the system was fixed while we were out tonight. It said "perhaps you should consider actually fixing this shoddy air-con rather than letting it damage someone else's belongings – just an idea!!" – haha

Becky then proceeded to make the situation look worse – she filled a couple of glasses, and an ashtray and placed a bin under the still leaking air-con to make it look like we had a tidal wave and not a leak – this amused me greatly, I wet myself laughing!