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Koh Phangan - an Island deserted

Written on: Sunday April 26th, 2009

26th - 28th April - Koh Phangan:

26th April:

12pm: Once Becky and I got to the Holiday Beach Resort, we went to get breakfast and walked into town from there, the heat was unbearable especially with our burns from the boat over. However we went and purchased braclets from a local stall in town, i got three (the type travellers wear, I'm getting used to this) and Becky got an ankle bracelet, which was gold. All these were purchased after bargaining for 320 Baht (£6.25).

We then decided to do something we said we would not do again, and rent a scooter, this time making sure it was from our own resort, we figure were already giving them cash, so they are less likely to try and screw us...!!!

We rode into town, we found a local food market, both having a curries for 30 baht and a drink of freshly crushed apple/pineapple/mango juice. From there we went in search of people and a BAR.

We drove to Haad Rin, but weirdly everywhere here is really quiet like a ghost island. so we headed back to the bungalow on the beach, back by 12am.

27th April:

We got up, and drove to the north west of the island, after breakfast, this time provided by the resort, we found a beach at Haad Yao. This beach was deserted and it was steaming hot...

Here we chilled on sun loungers watching the world go by.. out of nowhere a girl is walking up the beach singing to herself...  LA LA LA belting out show tunes, says Becky!! This was halarious! She waffted her skanky sarong over her head while waving her arms around thinking she was in a cheesy music video back in 1985. Were not sure who she was trying to entertain... the beach was empty, us the birds, the fish and a crazy lunatic!! WHAT???

We drove back via tescos, and we had some wine back at the bungalow, which wass a real treat as its sooo expensive here, as its imported i think... £20.00 a bottle!!!

We had food in Haad Rin in the evening, and it was here i nearly passed out, having to go to the toilet to lay on my back with my legs in the air, thus to stop me from fainting... The heat, the constant sun, a lack of water, i wasn't sure, however i felt crap for the last part of the evening and had to waste my Thai Sweet and sour chicken. Becky was a little worried ;-)

We got back about 1130pm.... Night!

28th April:

I awoke to the delightful news that Norwich City were almost relegated, after we lost 2-0 at home to Reading the previous night. So we checked out, handed in the bike keys (problem free) and jumped in a taxi to the port where we picked up another ferry to Koh Samui. This is where i will meet my mate Matt for a drink.