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South of the Island - Chalok Baan Kao Bay (Koh Tao) - our day trip by scooter!!

Written on: Thursday April 23rd, 2009

23rd April 2009:

We got up early today and went on the scooter to the south of the island, we went to Chalok baan kao, this was actually ment to be a private beach for the local resorts but we just parked up and make our way on to it, and you could see why it was supposed to be as it was totally gorgeous.

The beach was everything you see in holiday brouchers, sunny, pretty, blue seas, green surroundings and the sound of the tropics, with birds doing mating calls.

We swam in the sea, this was shallow for at least 200meters. I then lay back and chilled on the sand, listening to The Enemy on my Ipod, thinking it gets no better...