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Koh Tao 22nd April - 26th April 2009.

Written on: Tuesday April 21st, 2009

April 21st 2009:

The sun rose, and the boat ride was ok, however after such a long and awful coach ride with noisey people not letting us sleep on it we felt sick, very sick...

We finally got to our resort called Blue Diving, once checked in it was back to bed untill 1845..

Once we awoke, Becky and I went for food at a place called Hippo, it was about £6.50 each for a meal, including 3 drinks each. Becky had a gorgeous red curry and i had the famous Thai green curry. yummy!!

We are looking to rent a bike tomorrow so that we can tour the island ourselves.

22nd April:-

We laid in till 11am ish.. and went to for a walk down on to Sairee beach to relax for for an hour or so and we both went for our first Thailand swim, the water perfect.. clear and warm, I sat in the sea looking back at the island and i was thinking how beautiful it was.. just perfect.

Becky and I both caught the sun today, even in that short time.

We went to go and find a Scooter to rent from OWENS bikes, this cost us 150bhat a day, and with becky on the back, once OWENS had my passport, we headed south towards another resort on the south of the island. It was fun driving about, however we did get confussed by the map again and we got ourselves caught on some sandy and rocky roads. However we eventually ended up over-looking Tanote bay and the views were so pretty, you could see for miles, we later found out that we was 600meters high up the mountain.

On the way back it rained, but not like UK rain, this was hot rain, refreshing, just lovely!! Becky sat on the back holding me making weeeeee noises all the way back.

We got back, showered and went for food at a local Mexican resturant, which was superb.. We also decided to buy cereal and bowls at a local 7-eleven, thus to save cash on the following days not eating at resturants for breakfast.

23rd April:

Also see blog containing 23rd April for this day with extra pics....

We drove back from our day out about 2pm ish as we had to get the scooter back by 1530... we were totally screwed then by a horrible short Thai lady... she forced us to pay for a scratch on the bike, she said "no passport, unless 2500 Bhat" OHHHH DEAR... this hammered the budget early doors, £50.00!!! I had no choice... paid!!

The roads here are full of pot holes, there is no way a bike on these roads can not get wear and tear, which ultimately this was!!

We went back to the room before going down to the internet, and then we went down and ate at Hippos for a second time, pasta, again great grub. I wore my England shirt tonight as it was St Georges day.

We got back by 2230 and wrote postcards for our mothers... and my dad!.

24th April:

I got paid by National Express today... Suprise!!! - - this means i can enter Australia all cashed up..!!

We chilled around the room this morning, and we then went to Sairee beach, right to the far end where the sea was really clear, we also posted our postcards to mums and dads back home.

About 5ish we came back and went out for dinner, we also uploaded our first pics online, although Becky had a few issues with this...

We went for dinner about 7pm.. we went to a Thai resturant near our room, and it was the best meal yet, £6.00 for us both... £3.00 each including drinks! We then went to a bar called choppers and ordered our first bucket each (for those not in the know Thailand is famous for them amongst travellers and they are apparently lethal, especially with red bull in as their red bull is banned in the UK because it gives you "to much of a lift") we opted for a nice blue coloured one which went down a treat.

On the way back i bought Becky a bracelet so that a pendant that her mum gave her (a St Christopher one) could go on it and not get lost. This was about a fiver, and it was solid silver.

25th April 2009:

Up for breakfast, and a cooked breakfast at the Mexican from before 80 Bhat (1.50) full cooked with tea and beans for Becky!

We went to Sairee beach once more today, but this day stayed till the sun set (see pics)... We got back about 7pm, then went off for more cheap food at the Thai resturant.... YUMMY! Then we went to choppers once more to watch Man u beat spurs 5-2... We came back via a shop where Becky bought a dress.

26th April:

We got a knock at 0830, telling us taxi would be here at 9, were on Thai time now, this means NO TIME!!!!

The taxi took us to Song Serm pier and caught our ferry to Koh Phangan, the boat took a couple of hours and that time we both got badly burnt... as it was early, overcast and breezy and because of our early knock we had no time, so†forgot to put suncream on, WHAT A MISTAKE!