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Bangkok.... the aftermath of war.

Written on: Sunday April 19th, 2009

Ok, Bangkok... after arriving after an eleven hour flight and then deciding to have a even longer sleep, the first thing i did was jump in the hotel pool. The first thing i noted was the heat, it just hit me... BANG...!, hot and sticky...

At 2pm we went in search of Koh san road, the famous backpackers area, however we got lost as the map given to us at the airport was shit. We ended up chatting to a local who pointed us to a tuk tuk, great idea (however it has flaws, see later). 40 Bhat (about 80 pence) to travel around and visit three temples and go to the travel tourism office and back to out hotel which took about 4 hours.!! The tuk tuk driver waited for us at each place and then drove on. We visited Thewcrat (standing big budha), intharowilon ( the layingbudha) plus Mangkut which was like a home for monks, and it had loads, tens and tens of budha in side, doing many a poses. He then took us to T.A.T (thailand authority for tourists) and here we booked a trip lasting 3 weeks working our way through Thailand and down to Malaysia, all hotels and rooms covered aswell as all travel for 350 quid each, we visit every island we want to uswell, i wont write the full plans you wil see these in the coming weeks.

 However, the tuk tuk driver nearly got us in to trouble, as he insisted in taking us to a suit shop as part of our 40 bhat trip. Basically we went in, the doors were closed behind us and we were asked to buy suits, which were nice, but was was i to do??? carry them in my backpack.. me and Becky said no, which we did, loads. he then threatened us and said we can not leave, such a prat. He then asked if we wanted to buy a gun... Becky then pipped up and told him to let us go, which he finally did... what a twat.. no respect. The tuk tuk driver, embarased took us back to the hotel... a frustrating end to a nice half day.

20th April >>

We went to T.A.T in Bangkok in the morning and droped off our bags and went walking into the centre of bangkok. Lots os smells and sounds and so busy, one minute you get gorgeous food smells an then awfull pollution or dirty smells. We went to Kao san road again, and i bought two new rings that look nice, for a total of 6 quid and Becky got one for 4quid. We then walked to the palace which was amazing and then back to the T.A.T place for a 7pm meeting to go and get our night coach to south Thailand.

The coach trip was awful and as it was through the night it was part two of no sleep... however April the 21st brings paradise...

To sum up.. Bangkok, nice city, but busy and not for the faint hearted.... however the food is gorgeous.!!