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Adventure #2

Written on: Sunday August 5th, 2007

A journal entry from: Sennelager

Hello my fellow readers!

We left Hamel Friday morning for Sennelager which is in Paderborn, Germany.  We will be here for the next four weeks!  I'm actually a little bummed about it because the people here aren't nearly as friendly as everyone who took care of us in Hamel!  Hopefully things will shape up and they'll all grow to love us! haha.  The last two days were spent at the Labori festival which was a ton of fun.  Rides, drinking, shoping, games, good food...the whole works!! 

In these next few weekends, I hope to make it to England, Switzerland and there's a toss up between Poland and Paris for next weekends travels.  So I guess we'll see!  Oh how I love Germany!  I may just end up moving here.  We'll see. haha. 

Oh, here's some interesting news...Our last week of camp is in a town called Detmold which as of now does not have enough kids signed up for our camp.  We are going to try to get more kids signed up but if it doesn't work out, we may just get an extra week off to travel which changes everything.  As much as I would love to travel though, I hope there will be enough kids who sign up because camp has been a blast!  I'll definitely be coming back next year.  There's no doubt about it! 

Alright all, I feel like I'm taking up too much time on the computer...it's time to share!  I love you all!  I miss you all!  And please remember to leave me comments about anything and everything just because they're fun to read and I need to know what's going on OVER THERE!!!  LOVE YOU!  BYE!


From little sis on Aug 5th, 2007

Hello! I miss you so incredibly much! I'm glad you're having fun though. Evan and Ellie said to say hi. Ellie's going to be so big when you get home! Evan found a little sis or tumor or something in her shoulder which I'm sort of scared about, we're going to take her to the vet tomorrow and hopefully it's nothing dangerous. I'm sort of sad you're going to go to camp again next year, but I'm so glad you love it. Where do you think you want to go next year? Germany again or somewhere different? I think you should go somewhere different just to get more travels in. I'm so jealous, I wish I could go to Europe. Oh yah, so I'm going to give you your birthday present when I get to see you. I don't have it yet, but I think I have an idea of what I want to get you. THE BIG 21! Wow. We're going to have so much fun in Reno/Tahoe! I can't wait until you get back. I love you!

From Mom in Kona on Aug 12th, 2007

We are anxious to hear about Berlin! Three thirty in the morning is not a good time for me...I am a little sleepy and groggy! Love you, Mom

From Mom in Kona on Aug 17th, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! We tried to call and couldn't get through to you. I hope (know) you are having a wonderful time. We love you. Mom and Dad