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Written on: Sunday September 9th, 2007

A journal entry from: Peru

Hi, i am finally in the city of Cuzco where i will spending 1 1/2 months doing volunteer work. I was so excited at the airport where i was greeted by Peruvian music. All i wanted to do was sit there and listen to the music. We were greeted by our volunteer host and taken to our little house, which is actually quite nice compared to the surrounding houses. The road is dusty and uneven, and sheeps, dogs, pigs roam freely around. There are a few things i have to get used to in the house. Firstly, the bathroom. We can't flush the toilet with toilet paper as it clogs up the pipes, so we have to throw it in the bin next to the toilet. Secondly the shower - fortunately there is hot water. There is a heating element attached to the shower head, which heats up the water as it goes through. However, if the pressure is too high, it doesn't give the water time to warm up. So what you end up is with a slow hot water shower. The other thing i have to get used to is the housemates. There are 9 of us - 8 aussies, 1 american. I have never had housemates before and i am quite used to doing my own thing, so it is gonna be a huge adjustment for me. I have been told to take it easy for the first couple of days as we adjust to the new altitude. I am currently 3000+ km above sea level at the moment and unfortunately i am really feeling the affects of it. I get short of breath even after opening my bags, and i have had this headache for the last 2 days now. Last night we took the bus to town. The funny thing is that they try to fit 20 people in a small 4 seat van. At one stage i had my back pressing against the roof and my bum pressed against a window. Not a pretty sight! Last night i had llama for dinner. I would describe as it a cross between pork and beef, but enjoyable. I wasn't gonna take alcohol considering how i'm feeling at the moment, which is very hard for me considering i've been through europe for the last 2 months and have been drinking throughout the whole trip - i might start getting withdrawal symptoms!