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Griffith Observatory

Written on: Saturday June 30th, 2007

A journal entry from: summer in Los Angeles

Ever since I was small, I have had a huge fascination with the sky. I love to look at stars and clouds. So, when I found out about Griffith ObservatoryI got super excited. But to go there, you have to make reservations to take a shuttle up the mountain. I have the kind of job thta makes it hard for me to make reservations of any kind so I was kind of bummed. Bu then one of our groups gave us 14 free tickets to go to the Griffith Observatory. This was the perfect way to make it up there.  First of all, my favorite thing in the world is mountains. So I was in heaven at the observatory. We didn't see any shows ar anything but I got to see some awesome views of Los Angeles. I see the city everyday, but it is nice to be able to see it from a different perspective.

The exhibits there were awesome. It was full of moving models of the phases af the moon and the four seasons. It reminded me of the children's museum in New Orleans that I used to go to as a kid. There was long walkway devoted solely to stellar jewelery pinned up in the shape of a comet.

For Douglas Adams fans, there is a Cafe at the End of the Universe. I was super excited about that. We didn't eat there, but I was still happy to see it.