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Ojos de Agua

Written on: Friday June 26th, 2009

A journal entry from: El Salvador

Last night I found three giant cockroaches living in my night table. What happened afterwards is kind of a blur but fortunately my room is now cockroach free. I have also grown to truly appreciate the presence of the fetus-geckos because, as many have pointed out, they keep my bedroom mosquito free!!! Unfortunately, the rest of El Salvador is mosquito-ful and my lower legs are suffering the consequences. I will post a photo to demonstrate the result of being constantly devoured by mosquitos + stepping in a giant anthill (this exciting and itchy occurrence took place on Tuesday) + excessive scratching/forgetting to buy calamine lotion.

Last weekend a fairly large group of us travelled west to El Zonte, a blacksand beach, the place of my dreams. No amount of rain or cold gusts of wind were reason enough to get me out of the water. Yeah, it rained all weekend BUT the seawater was warmer than the air which was nice. I got a little roughed up by the big waves, swallowed a great deal of saltwater, rammed into some rocks and, having been one of the last 4 to go to bed ended up sleeping in a hammock that wouldn't cradle me (it was tied too tightly and my weight wasn't enough to de-flatten it) in the middle of a storm. I woke up at the crack of dawn with the stiffest neck and shoulders ever, all which was fixed by some more sea-swimming. All sorts of goodness. Getting to El Zonte was awesome. Eight of us piled into Meryl's pick-up truck, the rest took the bus, (Rita and the boys wound up being troopers and riding in the back...through the rain, mud splashes and one near-crash into a taxi that decided to stop moving in the middle of the road). Alice and I were in charge of figuring out how to get there. Any of you who know me are probably rolling the eyes. I mean, really. Vivian + map? Really. BUT WE DID IT! Many detours, halts and "NO gobackgobackturnaroundddd!"s later we finally got on the correct highway and all went well. I really want to go back to the beach at some point and hopefully the sun will peek out, even just a little. Ugh, wet season.

This week is going well. I spent Tuesday travelling around Chalatenango, visited two artisan co-ops (one embroidery workshop and one committee that represents a bunch of artisans specializing in different sorts of crafts. One of the people from the committee fed us awesome bean soup, rice, cheese and tortillas.The roads we drove through were absolutely stunning. Mountains and plants and iguanas and flowers and trees and everything, bumpy roads, hitch hikers. That was also the day that the CyberCafe right by here was robbed, guns. Noah and another girl from CIS were there, lost some stuff. On Wednesday we visisted UCA, a Jesuit university, the massacre site of 6 jesuit priests during the war. Extremely overwhelming, couldn't talk about it, really. Still don't know how to feel. That night a bunch of us went out to La Luna to see/hear some bands play, drink beer. Took off fairly early due to a build-up of exhaustion. Yesterday we visited the Botanical Gardens which were beautiful and definitely needed after the intensity of Wednesday's visit to the UCA. Today, who knows. This weekend, who knows. 

Back to work...


From Erin Pea on Jun 28th, 2009

you are hilarious. like seriously, no wonder you and ms. asimakis are friends! loving the blog.

From D on Jul 1st, 2009

Your shoes in alice's photos, I LOVE THEM! please to gives them to me! I love you, and glad you are having a good time.

From Larissa on Jul 7th, 2009

La cucaracha! Did you do the dance? Your extermination skills may come in handy if the garbage strike persists much longer here. I am thrilled to read how you are living your life to the fullest. What was it like going to the co-ops? I would love to hear more about that and what you learned. And, of course, did you buy anything?