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Written on: Thursday June 11th, 2009

A journal entry from: El Salvador

The coffee co-op was beautiful. The coffee (organic) was sooo good. I wish I had taken more photos but I was a) too much in awe and b) too busy taking notes for work to bother. Alicia (the woman who showed us around - she held presidency of the co-op for several years and has won awards for being the only woman at the head of a coffee co-op in E.S.) took us on a short hike into a heavily vegetated area where there was an abundance of fruit trees. Seriously unbelievable.

Last night was the El Salvador vs. Honduras soccer (futbol) game which I watched at a pub-like establishment with Rachel (my supervisor), Nicole (my neighbour) and 3 guys who have been in El Salvador for and had been working on Elections in the previous months. It was quite fun but by 9pm I was nodding off -- a combination of beer and my ridiculous sleeping schedule. I skipped my morning run today and slept in (ha) until 6am!

I had a meeting today with my supervisors. We started figuring out my coming up tasks which have to do with product promotion, so that is VERY interesting because I have zero marketing experience but will surely pick some up during my time here. Tomorrow I have training, on Saturday I will either run around with Nicole or come in for optional (for me) training on popular education and next week I am visiting another artisan workshop in San Vicente.

My hair is NOT taking well to the weather and water here. It is doing that thing where it starts to turn a gross coppery colour and dread on its own. If anybody has suggestions to keep me from developing a full head of orange dreadlocks this summer please, please, please let me know.


From Waheeda on Jun 12th, 2009

I always wanted dreadlocks, so please get it on my behalf :) Also, your job sounds so amazing! Your people should contact my people. We will help your people with financing and marketing and skills and stuff like that. We are also run by women for women. I'm working on incubation centers right now so if u need help with marketing strategies let me know. But seriously, have your people call my people :)