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Week 2 begins

Written on: Monday June 8th, 2009

A journal entry from: El Salvador

I just wrote an entry and footstops deleted it. Thanks.


- I am typing from an English keyboard. ''''.

- Micheladas, chilate, cebada, budin, tamales de elote, etc. I am eating about 12X more than I normally would. Will be rolling home in a few months.

- Carlos (who lives in the room next to mine) finally warmed up to me. It was about time. We share a bathroom for Christ's sake.

-  Found a park where I can run in the mornings about 2 minutes from my house!

- My body is all whacked out! I go to bed at 9:30, 10pm (latest) and wake up at 5:30am feeling shiny & new. It's kind of nice. Thinking of pushing my wake-up time to 5am so I have time to go for daily morning runs.

- Work at CIS is going great. Working on setting up an online store for the artisans (which involves taking/editing photos, inventory, uploading, etc.). Visiting a fair trade coffee co-op tomorrow to draft up a profile. Visiting various other co-ops/workshops in the coming weeks. Eventually working on product promotion and fair trade certification applications. Also, Rachel mentioned something about a women's group that I might be involved with.

- Alice & Ritha arrive on Thursday! Jenniferrrr and I are making plans to travel on weekends. Antigua, Copan, El Zonte, Sunzal, Suchitoto...Suggestions?

- Photos of my house:


From A on Jun 9th, 2009

rolls home, eh? Becoming like Mac, I see.