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Written on: Monday June 1st, 2009

A journal entry from: El Salvador

I'm here.

I arrived on Saturday in the afternoon. The flight was pretty okay. Yenny and I were both really tired (I was completely delirious, I kept falling in and out of consciousness on the first plane) but we entertained ourselves by practicing our (awful) French and listing off the things we forgot etc.

Arriving was overwhelming. Yenny's wonderful aunt picked us up from the airport. After a bit of a detour I arrived at my house. I live in a house owned by a woman, her husband and their son Carlos (I am on his computer right now). There is an extra bedroom across the hall from my room which I believe another student will be renting at some point this summer. There are six dogs in this house (3 in the house and 3 in the back), 3 parakeets, a tank of fish and a parrot. I'm happy here, the family was been wonderful, welcoming. Pupusas ARE as good as everyone says. Oh! In the garden there are also two mango trees and an avocado tree with the most ginormous avocados I have ever seen (the size of small papayas!).

Yesterday Yenny and I ventured off with her aunt. We took what seemed like 980198 buses and visited two Centros Comerciales (one sort of near my house and another near Yenny's in Soyapango) where we stocked up on the things we forgot (i.e. change purses) and also bought cell phones and some office/school supplies for CIS. I am so glad Yenny is here with me, even if she lives on the other side of town. Having someone to "debrief" with is really important right now.

Later today I will venture out to explore the area, go to the bank, probably get some lunch, etc.

There are a million more things to say...


From Larissa on Jun 2nd, 2009

Hurray! Glad you arrived safe and sound. I am drooling over avocados and mangoes. Yum!

From Waheeda on Jun 3rd, 2009

Oh, centro commercials how i miss thee. Did you end up finding that other guy that was on your trip also?