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Sarah: Hiya! Welcome to our travel blog. We are a couple both aged 20, I am from England and Jocke is from Sweden. We met when I was au pairing in Sweden in 2009. It is my dream to travel and see the World in the most Eco friendly way. I looked into backpacking before using air travel but I soon realised that the environmental costs were too high and that I would not be able to really experience the culture of a country this way. Another form of travelling I considered was overland by rail and bus but the costs of this soon added up. So the only other form of transport is the bicycle! So we are starting our trip in the end of January 2010 around Europe: UK, France, Switzerland, Liechenstein, Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Greece. We are 'stealth camping' and will be living on a very tight budget. It is going to be a very challenging and rewarding trip!Jocke: Hey there, stranger or (and?) friend!Got some inspiring words about our oncoming journey from my partner and travel mate Sarah already, did you? It's going to be mighty exciting and I hope you will enjoy following our footsteps (or bicycle wheels!) as much as we will. Doubt it though! I find motivation and inspiration in all that lies beyond - there is so much left out there, yet for me to be seen, lived and felt.  I'm confident that every desolate landscape or enormous capital have new adventures that will unfold in front of me if I'm willing to go there so why wait - why stay? Culture, people, places... Wherever you turn it's all brand new and I have a burning desire to experience it all! This is just the beginning...