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Live Music Capital of the World-austin

Written on: Monday December 22nd, 2008

A journal entry from: an adventourous journey to austin

One of my friends went to Austin .after returning he showed me the videos and pictures of Austin. I got impressed by Austin that I decided to go to Austin. Then I decided to go to Austin and now I am going to Austin. I went to Austin by plane. It was an interesting journey as I am afraid of traveling in the plane. For staying I had already booked a hotel room. That hotel I searched from the internet as cheap hotels in austin. The very first day I reached to the hotel I was little bit tired. So I rested and after resting I took a nice coffee and wake up fully with no laziness. After that I decided to go outside and to travel some interesting places.

This was my first day so I went to Capitol Complex Visitors Center. This building is the oldest standing government building in the state. From 1887 to 1982, a draftsman named O. Henry–rented a space upstairs. Some of the author's greatest short stories were inspired by his experiences here. The second floor of the building houses the O. Henry Nook, where visitors can view his comical land tract maps. The building also houses the State Travel Information Center. A Texas-style gift shop is located on the first floor. Then I went to French Legation Museum. King Louis Philippe ordered Alphonse Dubois de Saligny of France to Austin in 1839 to become the French liaison to the Republic of Texas. He insisted on being called "Count" and built this home on 22 acres of land in 1841. While waiting for building to cease, he was involved in a dispute over pigs and moved to Louisiana. He never returned to Texas and did not spend a single night in this home. In 1848 Dr. Joseph Robertson purchased the home and passed it on throughout his family for years; in 1949 the State of Texas acquired it. The home has been restored. A separate building now replicates the Legation's original French country kitchen. Then I went to Austin Museum of art at Laguna Gloria. The Austin Museum of Art offers two distinct art experiences in two different locations. AMOA-Downtown serves as the Museum's principle exhibition site, but AMOA-Laguna Gloria is the Museum's original home. AMOA-Laguna Gloria offers a unique experience of history, art, and nature. This beloved site has been declared a national treasure and is on city, state, and national registries of historic places. I toured to the recently restored 1916 Italianate-style villa that was the home of Texas legend Clara Driscoll. Inside I viewed intimate art exhibitions and attend informative educational programs focusing on art and nature. Outside I strolled the lush 12-acre grounds over-looking Lake Austin, and enjoyed sculpture and the recently restored historic gardens. AMOA-Laguna Gloria provides a tranquil setting for private parties and community gatherings year-round. It is also home to The Art School, a thriving program with more than 400 classes taught annually for adults and children.


Second day I visited Canyon of the Eagles. Deep in the heart of Texas Hill Country, Canyon of the Eagles offers 14 miles of nature trails, multiple fishing docks and piers, and an eco-friendly lodge on the shores of Lake Buchanon. I saw few of the namesake eagles soaring past on their way south.


Third day I visited Forest Creek Golf Club. This public golf course, set in the beautiful Texas hill country, opened in 1991. The Dick Phelp-designed 18-hole course utilizes the ProShot Yardage System with Global Positioning Satellites that guide the players around the course. Offering pin distance information and helpful tips from the professionals, this small computer system is equipped on all EZGO-Carts.


Forth day I visited Mary Quinlan Park. This wonderful day-use park is located at the upper end of Lake Austin. I enjoyed the waterfront, as well as 5.8 acres of land in this secluded park. The lake is great for windsurfing, waterskiing and fishing. Picnic facilities with barbecue grills add to the wonderful natural surroundings of this little getaway. Then I went to Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve. It is located on 220 acres of land it offers 2 1/2 miles of hiking trails. No bikes or pets are allowed; neither is picnicking or camping. This is a true wilderness preserve, and I went to catch a glimpse of the lack capped vireo and golden cheeked warbler. Then I went to Barton creek Greenbelt. This creek winds through Central and South Austin, featuring beautiful hiking and bike trails as well as many choice swimming holes. One of the more popular areas is at the far north end of the park–the Scottish Woods Trails, a rocky path leading to a gorgeous private swimming hole at the base of a small waterfall. Barton Creek Greenbelt runs west and north from Zilker Park for nearly eight miles.


After traveling much I come back to my home city with the sweet memories.